Impressions of the Nintendo NYC Store

Nintendo has one official retail location in North America, and that’s the Nintendo store in NYC. Since I’m lucky enough to have a train that takes me nearly to their door, I dropped by to check it out!

The Nintendo store has two floors of Mario filled goodness and is located at the famed Rockefeller center. A golden Mario greets you on your way in, and this sets the tone for the store’s décor.


The first floor has an assortment of themed merchandise and some demo Switch units. It also contains the only non-Mario decoration I saw…Donkey Kong!

Look at his mighty pose! The barrel to the left has outlets for charging your phone or gaming device.


Yoshis! I want them ALL!


Plush Resetti anyone?

For me, the magic is on the second floor. The stairway twists around Luigi and Toadstool, and leads up to Mario hanging from the top of his flagpole.


One side of the second floor is more merchandise, primarily divided into Zelda, Pokemon, and 3DS/Switch games and accessories, with some other merchandise thrown in for good measure.



Fireball Mario guards the 3DS/Switch games and accessories.

The other side is more demo units for the Switch and 3DS systems, as well as a mini museum of Nintendo devices. I’ve included the handheld displays below for you to check out!

As you can see, they have a few freestanding displays for the handheld part of their collection.


They have a selection of Game & Watch handhelds. I’ll admit to only being familiar with this game because of the awesome bacon tossing character from this game used in Super Smash Brothers.


All hail the GAMEBOY!


The card reads: “This Gameboy was damaged when barracks were bombed during the 1990-1991 Gulf War. It still works!” And I worry about dropping my 3DS on occasion. Wow.


The evolution of a handheld.


And it evolves further!


This is where my handheld gaming life began. I started with a DS Lite.


And finally, we arrive at the 3DS display. I love the spotted one up in the corner!

Nintendo NYC is a must if you’re in the New York City area. The decorations and museum are very cool. Unfortunately, since the StreetPass relays have been shut down, there isn’t as much to encourage repeat visits to this store. However, if you need the perfect gift for a Nintendo fan or want to try out the latest game this is the place to visit!












  1. I would love to live by the official Nintendo Store in New York. I would be able to gaze at the systems for hours! 🙂 My wife would have a fit. 🙂

    1. It’s certainly worth checking out if you visit NYC. They have some great game shops in that city in general, but you can expect to pay top dollar most of the time. Still, it’s pretty awesome to have nearly every game you could ever want available for the price of a train and subway ticket.

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