Indie Highlights 23.01.2019 – Nintendo Switch

Today another Indie Highlights video was released from Nintendo. It covers several upcoming indie games coming to Nintendo Switch as well as a few new ones. You can watch it here:


Wargroove, Double Kick Heroes and When Ski Lifts Go Wrong

First up was Wargroove by Chucklefish, a strategy RPG that has a campaign, local and online play for four players. The multiplayer is both co-operative and competitive. There is a mode to create your own maps and cutscenes. Along with that there is a puzzle and arcade mode. Their site also mentions that they have asynchronous gameplay where you can take turns out your own pace. It will arrive on the e-shop on February 1st.

Double Kick Heroes, by Headbang Club, is an apocalyptic rhythm game. The rhythm prompts resulting in shooting the attacking hordes of zombies, chickens, mutated dinosaurs and so on. It its an entirely Metal soundtrack with over thirty original songs as well as having licensed tracks. Double Kick Heroes is also set to have a community level editor. It will have joy-con motion controls. It’s PC Early Access will be April and the estimated Switch release is Summer 2019.

There is a demo available on PC.

When Ski Lifts Go Wrong by Hugecalf studios is a building physics puzzle game. Wherein you make not only ski lifts but motorbike and ski tracks. There is a level builder and slope editor. It has touch screen controls and just released on the e-shop today.

Forager, Goat Simulator and Inmost

Forager by HopFrog is a 2D open world survival action game. It has fast combat, puzzles and a charming art style. In it you are able to buy land and build bases. Coming “Soon”.

Goat Simulator by Coffee Stain Studios is a wacky physics game where you control a goat and propel yourself around with jumps and make use of your long sticky tongue. There are various objectives you can meet but it’s mostly a game about mucking around. It has been ported to the Switch in a complete package with all of it’s DLC as of today.

Inmost by Hidden Layer Games is a 2D puzzle action platformer with a dark colour palette. With three playable characters that have an interconnected story. It is coming sometime 2019.

Unruly Heroes, Cross Code and SteamWorld Quest

Unruly Heroes by Magic Design Studios is a 2D action platformer with solo or up to four player local co-op. The four heroes have different strengths meaning some will do better against different enemies and challenges. Local and online PVP modes are also included. It has just released on the e-shop as of today.

Cross Code by Radical Fish Games is a 2D action RPG. It follows a story set in future where Lea begins playing a MMO and rediscovers her memory. The game has fast combat and a ball throwing mechanic for use in both combat and puzzles. It will release in 2019 with exclusive Switch content.

Image and Form Games have had good success with their SteamWorld games some such as SteamWorld Heist launching first on Nintendo hardware. The newest game SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech being a card RPG where you build your own deck. It will release first on Nintendo Switch in 2019.


I’m mostly looking forward to Double Kick Heroes, SteamWorld Quest and Wargroove. Although at some point I will pick up Goat Simulator again, and Cross Code and Unruly Heroes also look interesting. The concept and soundtrack of Double Kick Heroes looks really nice. I really liked what I played of SteamWorld Heist so I’m sure they can do a good RPG. Wargroove having a local mode is very interesting to me.


What games that were shown are you looking forward to?


  1. Mainly the art style.
    I like the foraging, building, puzzling and exploring, but the fighting part looks a bit to chaotic for me (but maybe it’s just how it comes across in the video)

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