Inner World review for Switch

Game: Inner World
System: Nintendo Switch
Developer: Studio Fizbin
Publisher: Headup Games
Age Rating:  Everyone ( America), 12+ Europe and UK
Price: $11.99/ £9.99/ €11,99
Release Date: 08/03/18

The game is also available on Steam and on iOS and Android.

Overall Feeling: I like it!

In this point-and-click adventure you guide Robert, a naive guy, in solving puzzles and discovering the truth about his esteemed ruler, Conroy. His peaceful mundane life is disrupted when he ventures out of the monastery to retrieve something for Conroy  He meets Laura and discovers the life he thought he knew isn’t what it seemed.

Puzzles and hints galore

This game is a relaxing story rich game. The controls are fairly easy. In each scene there are points of interest to interact with an item or chat with an NPC. In order to help or get things from characters you have to find items. Some are easy as picking them up and others take some creativity. Other items must be combined to make a tool.

There is no reason to be daunted, because you can get optional hints along the way. No need to look up walkthroughs for any difficult puzzles! The walkthrough is built in if you choose to look at it. The hints slowly turn into instructions if you are really stumped.

Good and Goofy

I’m personally not a point-and-click fan, but the the story is intriguing. Robert’s naive nature mixed with a dynamic cast of characters creates funny misunderstandings. He is a good-hearted, goofy character that wants to help others, but is not knowledgeable about life outside the monastery. The dialogues keep the story light-hearted despite the bleak atmosphere and the ruler’s brainwashing of the masses. The art greatly reflects this juxtaposition with a cartoony designs and dark color schemes. The game has fully voiced dialogue that sounds natural to the characters.


If you’re looking for a casual game with a good story you should check out Inner World. I’m giving it a good rating because I feel the concept and the writing  are great. The optional hints are there to help so no puzzle is out of reach for those who are hooked on advancing in the story.

I like it
I like it

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