Inside every older person is a younger person

A good friend of mine at work felt I could use a little pick me up, and she sent me a list of quotes; quotes by strong ladies, that instantly made me smile.

Inside every older person is a younger person – wondering what the hell happened?

Cora Harvey Armstrong

This was 12 years ago, her sending me the list. I kept it all these years, and just now found it again. This quote by Cora Harvey Armstrong instantly jumped out at me, what a wonderful way to put it! I’m past 50 now, but I don’t really feel any different than I felt when I was 25. Sure, there are some little pains and aches that seem to creep in. But mentally, I’m the same. I still feel young, young enough to go to that games convention with my niece. It’s just that my body doesn’t agree, and it just wanted to sit down on every chair we came across. While she at 19 was eager to go on and on. Sorry kiddo, but your auntie really needs some time off her feet!

I see it in my mom, who is 82 years old. She has a lot of difficulty getting around all day and she can only go out of her home if someone drives her. But she is still sharp, knows everything that happens in the world and remembers appointments better then I do. She just cannot accept the fact that her body is failing her: in her mind she still feels the same as the young mother she was with two small children that had her whole life ahead of her.

So yes Cora, what happened?autie acid, feeling young, growing old(Thanks Aunty Acid, great image!)


  1. I think about age more and more often (obsess may be the more appropriate word), and I start to worry that my best years are behind me. I wish aging didn’t have to be this scary.

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