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A new writer joins our team! Please help me welcome CJ!

My name is CJBogart, and I hail from the North Eastern United States. I played some PC games growing up, but my heart and attention span were quickly stolen by an Italian plumber and blue hedgehog. Nothing made me happier than jumping on Goombas or racing around trying to save small critters. However, my parents didn’t see things that way, and I was dependent on store demos and the begrudging patience of neighborhood kids to get my gaming fix for years. In my early 20’s I grabbed a DS Lite and haven’t looked back.

I almost exclusively play hand held games. The reasons are varied, but mostly it’s because I hate being tethered to a TV screen or computer monitor. I often use my New Nintendo 3DS XL and Nook Samsung S2 for gaming, but also have my original DS Lite for GBA games. My favorite genres are simulations, RPGS/JRPGS, and puzzle games. I also enjoy tabletop gaming, so games that use strategies and mechanics familiar to that genre (such as worker placement and deck-building) are very appealing to me. I have a collection of “bad” GBA and DS games for their often hilarious content, and hope to review a few of those for your entertainment!



    1. Thank you! Yes, I have some really terrible games. I think I may start the bad games reviews with one of the GBAs but we’ll see 🙂

    1. Thank you! I’m not a fast writer anymore (school is a while behind me lol) but I look forward to writing up some more thoughts on handheld gaming.

  1. Great, witty intro, CJ! Love the GBA era (as well as DS era), and puzzle games myself. I have my DS Lite somewhere, too, tucked away – love that it plays GBA carts. 😀

    1. Oh dear, sorry for the late response. DS era is top notch for me. The amount of amazing and dumb games that came out for it is just about overwhelming. I once responded to the question of what system I would choose if I could have one with all the games that came out for it. My reponse was DS and I would ride out of my house on a wave of cartridges :D. Thanks for the compliment and comment!

  2. No worries. at all. 😉 LOL – I hear you! And that would be quite something to see haha. ^_^ Totally agree – the DS library is something else. <3

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