It's all a matter of balance

Most adult people in my real life environment don’t play video games. In fact, when I tell people about my love of gaming, they look at me as if I’m just a bit weird. Or a lot weird, even. I think I mentioned before that I work in finances, so you can imagine that me gaming really shakes up the image people have of me.

They do know about gaming, but they know because their son or daughter plays games and has a DS. Sometimes they have difficulty with their kids, because, as they complain: ” he doesn’t want to do anything else aside from gaming, his schoolwork really suffers”. I do understand the problem there, and I do see that playing games can be so much more fun then schoolwork, making you want to do nothing else.

My mother even tried to reprimand me. I assure you I haven’t been a kid for a long time, but I guess the parent-child relationship never ends. She had seen a program on the television about gaming addiction, and told me I really should try to kick my addiction. I told her it’s all about the balance: balancing all the things you have to do in real life, being a mom and wife, working, taking care of your house etc. And knowing that you will be having time for relaxing with a good game afterward again! I guess that this is what children still have to learn, the art of balancing!


  1. Wonderful blog entry, Yvonne. And very nicely-put: I couldn’t have said it better! I think, as a woman, as a parent, we all learn early-on to do that balancing act. – Not always very well, mind you – though you seem to have it down lol. 😉 I’m an all-or nothing kind of person a lot of the time (when it comes to gaming, reading, hobbies, etc), but I always try to make time for what matters most. Sometimes, it feels good to fall down the “rabbit hole” and get lost in an amazing game – and others, I’m more interested in seeing what’s sprouting up in my garden! 😀 I’ve managed to create a certified gamer-girl out of my daughter, and yet, she’s always been close to nature, like her parents. So, it really IS about finding a balance for it all.

  2. I’m a 45 year old lady who works in Human Resources. Telling people about my gaming gets me some very odd looks. I have resorted to finding friends online instead with my similar interests. That is how I found your blog. 🙂

    My nephew does love games but he is into his PS3 games. My sister does have a hard time with him and his schoolwork because he wants to play games instead. I get it though sometimes I can get addicted to a game and spend an entire weekend focused on playing. I only discovered gaming in the past 8 years. It started with my Wii fit and then Animal Crossing City Folk. Then I got a 3DS XL because of New Leaf and I have truly enjoyed every bit of it.

    1. And I’m glad you found my blog online! Same here, we started approx. at the same time in gaming then. I couldn’t find gaming enthusiasts either around me, though my daughter and nieces played a bit at the time too. Finding fellow enthusiasts online has proved to be much easier, and I have found some good friends that way!

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