It's life Jim…

I think we’ve already established that I have a passion for gaming. What I haven’t told you yet, is that I have been a fan of Star Trek for over 43 years now. I started watching it when I was little, with my dad. And I haven’t stopped watching all spin offs, movies and series since. To me, The Original Series is the very best, the crew feels like a bunch of good friends to me. Always a nice opening to a long and lengthy discussion amongst Star Trek fans.

Of course, when there’s the chance to combine the two passions, it gets even better. Not that I’ve had much of a chance for that in Nintendo gaming though. There was Star Trek Technical Assault for the DS years ago that got a score of 6 out of 10. You waged war in this game from your bridge, shooting other ships out of the sky, I mean galaxy. But that was it. Star Trek would have lend itself so beautifully to exploration in a game. There were some cool PC games, but nothing on Nintendo consoles.

I’ve found a way to insert a little bit of Star Trek in my gaming. My greeting in Streetpass says: “It’s life Jim…” I was thrilled some days ago to get the correct answer back in a personal message when I met someone more then once in Streetpass. “…but not as we know it!”


    1. Lol Kaz, great! I love them all, but I love TOS most and TNG the least, which always surprises other fans. There’s just such a huge difference between Kirk and Picard! Love Janeway though, finally a lady in the captains seat!

  1. True all the Captain’s are quite different. Did you watch Enterprise? It’s the only Star Trek series I couldn’t get into. I loved watching TOS with my cousin. She would pick out her fav TOS episodes and I would pick out my fav VOY episodes and we’d watch late into the night.

    1. The best way to spend an evening!
      I did like Enterprise, though captain Archer took a bit of getting used to. Do you like the new movies too? We accidentally stumbled into the world premier of Into Darkness in Leicester Square London when we visited the city!

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