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Hello everyone. I trust you’ve all had a wonderful, productive gaming week.  For this edition of my Gaming Blurb, I have a couple of items to share with you from my recent gaming experiences. The main focus this time is Nintendo Switch gaming accessories.

UGREEN Bluetooth 5.0 adapter with 3.5″ Jack

Before purchasing the UGREEN Bluetooth 3.5 Jack, I decided to watch several Youtube reviews to see how others rated it. I think it’s fair to say reviews are mixed, and despite having doubts about purchasing the product, I decided to take a chance on it regardless.

Amazon Image

The Pros…

The product itself boasts an 8-hour battery which can be charged in 2 hours. It also includes a USB C cable to meet your charging needs. Some may consider an 8hour battery life to be a disadvantage, but I tend to put the device on charge between gaming sessions without any issues. It may also help that I have a charging block close at hand, enabling a quick and convenient way to charge the device.

Simply put, the UGREEN Bluetooth 5.0 adapter works and is multifunctional. It’s easy to pair with up to two Bluetooth headsets at a time, and its use isn’t limited to the Nintendo Switch. As long as its design is compatible with a device and the device has a 3.5″ jack, it can provide Bluetooth functionality to multiple devices. As well as the Switch, I’ve used it with both the Nintendo New 3DS XL and a BLUE USB microphone.

Does it support docked and portable play?

The adapter’s hinge also has a bit of flex which means I can use it and my Satisfye gaming grip together. I must also stress that it’s possible to use this adapter in TV mode. I’ve read numerous reviews, including the official Amazon description, that insists it can’t be used in docked mode without the use of an additional adapter.  Well, that’s true if you try to use it the conventional way, but if you plug it in oppositely while the Switch is docked, then the L shape will fit on the front side of the dock. What’s more, you can even set it up to charge while playing either in docked and portable mode.


There are two negatives I’ve noticed since using the device. There is a slight sound delay, so I wouldn’t recommend the adapter for playing rhythm/music titles that require a precise button press. I’ve also noticed if the volume on your Nintendo Switch is below a certain level, the adapter tends to struggle with picking up low background sounds/music. My advice would be to keep your Nintendo Switch volume high, and if possible, adjust the volume on your Bluetooth headphones.

Overall though, I’m more than satisfied with this device, and I would recommend it to anyone who’s looking for an alternative Bluetooth Support option for Nintendo Switch.

Satisfye Zengrip Pro

Amazon Image

I’ve trialled several Nintendo Switch grips in the past. They’ve all differed in quality, and some started to break after continual usage. In January 2020, I purchased a grip which I enjoyed, but its plastic grips eventually wore and snapped. Ever since then, I tried out similar grips and was left feeling unsatisfied with their overall quality. In the end, I have spent lots of money on cheaper grips, and so I decided to purchase the grip that many consider to be the premium Nintendo Switch Grip.

So, the question remains, is the Satisfye Zengrip Pro any good? O yes, it has now become a necessary part of my enjoyment of handheld gaming.

About the Grip

Firstly, the grip literally feels like a controller to grip. The grips handles are made with a rubbery textured type of plastic which is comfortable to hope. They also have a good shape which means the player can avoid hand cramps during long play sessions.

Next, inserting and removing your Switch is an easy process. Merely slide the Switch into the grip and remove it when you’ve finished. If you like me, then you will not want to play Switch in handheld without it. The only time I feel the need to remove it from the grip is to play it in TV mode or charge it in the dock.

Official Satisfye Image

Also, if you’re worried about the grip scratching your console, then don’t. The grip uses silicone tabs which protects your Switch from scratches and provides the console breathing space. Also, it’s good to note that the grip’s design doesn’t hinder air vents or the console’s general operation in any way.

The grip also comes packed with two Satisfye branded thumb pads, which feel pretty good under the thumb.

Overall, I don’t think I could play handheld mode without the Satisfye grip. And no, I haven’t been sponsored by Satifye, and I haven’t been sent a review unit. I haven’t been paid off to write this glowing appraisal. I only wish that I purchased the Satisfye grip sooner, and I highly recommend it to Nintendo Switch gamers.

This is Jonah signing off.

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