Katamari Damacy Reroll Japanese demo can be played in English

Soon, Katamari Damacy Reroll will make its way to the Switch. It promises to be a weird and wacky creative game. Bandai Namce made a game that’s difficult to compare with any other game, I think.

The Western release is December 7, but if you want to check it out right now, you can. The Japanese eShop has a demo out. And it’s playable in English too. All you need is a Japanese Nintendo account. The Switch is region free, which means you can download any game you want, whether it’s released in America, Europe or even Japan.

All you need is a My Nintendo Account for that specific region, which must be linked to another email address from the one you normally use for your regular My Nintendo.

Making a My Nintendo Account is easy. Just go to accounts.nintendo.com and set up your account like you normally would. Set your country/region of residence to Japan. Next, you have to add a new user to your Switch, linking it to the new account you made.

After this, you simply log into the eShop with your Japanese Mii-user and log in with the Japanese My Nintendo data. Eh voila!

I know it can be daunting to see everything in Japanese but at least the structure of the eShop is the same everywhere. (pardon the gritty pictures, the print screen didn’t work!) Just check back to where things are in your own eShop, and then see if you can find it in Japanese.

Just click the search option in the home screen of the eShop, and choose the orange box above. It’s for games with a demo. And Katamari will be there too.

After that, you can start up the game with your regular account. Have fun giving it a spin!


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