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Kickstarter Spirit of the Island Simulation RPG

We’re always on the lookout for a nice Kickstarter campaign. Another very interesting Kickstarter that caught our attention is Spirit of the Island. A relaxing life simulation RPG set on a distant tropical Island. The campaign was released at the beginning of August with a goal of $ 50,000 and will end September 9. With 18 days left to go, a little over half of the goal is met. Let’s give it some extra attention!

Spirit of the Island LadiesGamers

Tested in a Tropical Paradise

This time, we don’t start off with memory loss or your grandfather passing away leaving you a derelict farm. No, this time you travel to a tropical island as a test before becoming an adult. With this being a tradition with your people, I’d say there are worse quests to take, right? But there’s one little caveat there: the Island is completely uninhabited. So before you get to enjoy a tropical paradise, you’ll have to work on it!

Spirit of the Island LadiesGamers

People also say that some sort of mystery covers the Archipelago. The elders speak of a magical secret and of a hidden message waiting for the right person. Will you be that person?

Travel across the Archipelago, find new friends and enemies, invite tourists, and create a tropical paradise! And unravel the mystery!

Things to Do in Paradise

Once there, there’s lots to do:

  • Customize your character and property, from a fancy hairstyle and trendy shoes to the latest in garden innovation.
  • Build, craft and farm on your personal island!
  • Attract tourists to your island. You can organize festivals to please them. You can hire staff to help you develop the island and trade with the tourists.
  • Fill up your museum with rare artifacts you’ve collected to attract even more tourists.

Spirit of the Island LadiesGamers

  • Become a master at crafting, exploration, cooking and other essential abilities.
  • There’s a huge archipelago full of dangers and secrets to explore, using boats and vehicles.
  • Of course you have to be prepared to fight too, with pirates and wild creatures.
  • And another cool addition to the game will be two-player online cooperative mode. You will be able to explore the Archipelago, fight the pirates, find epic loot, and discover the secrets of the tropical paradise together.

Tourism and Farming

There will be a range of characters to meet on the Archipelago. And where nature is concerned, it will greet you with lush and diverse tropical flora from apple and coconut trees to a huge variety of colorful flowers. There are four seasons, each lasting 30 days. The state of the Island’s flora will directly influence the tourists’ opinion about it. So when you harvest coconuts, pick flower seeds, and cut trees for wood, be sure to remember to give back what you take and protect the environment!

Spirit of the Island LadiesGamers

Farming will be one of the most essential activities for you on the Island. And it’s a pretty fun thing to do as well! Make crops, water your plants (rain will help you there, but don’t depend too much on it!), raise your own chickens and sheep (pigs, lambs, and many others), adopt cats and dogs and make your farm a flourishing and booming paradise of life!

Really, there’s much more to tell. Do check out the Kickstarter page to learn more and see the adorable artwork,

Now for the systems: at the moment, Spirit of the Island is set to release on PC in Early Access in Q3 2021. The game will be ported to all consoles if the stretch goal is met. Check it out!

Spirit of the Island LadiesGamers

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