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Kickstarter: Unpetrified – A Dreamhunt Story

We are always on the lookout for Kickstarter campaigns that catch our attention, and this time we want to bring you some news about an exciting game called Unpetrified – A Dreamhunt Story.

A Wholesome Adventure

Unpetrified LadiesGamers

A Kickstarter campaign is underway for the game, with 128 backers having pledged £4,963 of the £13,301 goal so far. Unpetrified is a wholesome adventure game about emotions, and its star is a Golem. The Golem attracted me to the game; ever since I’ve played all the Dragon Quest games, I’ve had a “thing” for Golems.

The game is under development by Dreamhunt Studios, a small studio of ten professionals based in Berne, Switzerland. The games, RiME, Journey and A Short Hike inspired the team to develop Unpetrified.

Violence and Text Free

Unpetrified LadiesGamers

Unpetrified will be a single-player narrative-driven adventure game about said Golem, who is always curious. The game is violence free and will also be text free. The developers want to offer players a wholesome and relaxing story of the Golems’ journey through a magical place.

Magical Energy

Unpetrified LadiesGamers

The story goes that a long time ago, an ancient civilisation harnessed the magical energy of the world to thrive, create and build living stone creatures, the Golems. The ancient civilisation had developed an entire system to create the Golems, which could live off energy sources and do the work no one wanted. However, in pursuit of power, the civilisation abused the magical energy, which led to their downfall.

Unpetrefied takes place long after the ancient civilisation has vanished, where the magical energy reclaims the world by giving life back to the Golems. As a result of the way the storyline will go, we can expect a slightly different outlook on the storyline from the usual “let’s rescue the Princess from the baddies” storylines we have heard numerous times. That makes a nice change!

A Stone Giant

Unpetrified LadiesGamers

Anyway, in Unpretified you’ll take control of one of the Golem on its journey to find the meaning of existence and a place where it belongs. Incidentally, the Golem has been brought to life by a magical butterfly that embodies the energy of nature. Your progress through the game will be visible through the flowers growing on the Golem’s back. You see, the flowers are witness to the events that the Golem has bravely faced.

As you travel, events will take the Golem through many emotions, affecting the world and animals around you. There will be puzzles that add rhythm to the Golem’s journey throughout. In addition, the puzzles will bring new information about the world’s past and inhabitants and expand on the storyline.

Unpetrified LadiesGamers

As well as puzzles, you’ll discover Runes, reflecting on the lands’ tragic past as reminders of what once was. These engraved with runes tell the story of the ancient civilisation. Furthermore, the story on the Runes will allow you to learn more about what happened as you get closer to the heart of the shattered capital.

Explore a Varied Landscape

Unpretified LadiesGamers

Along with those features of the game, you’ll be exploring a varied landscape. Each region uses a specific colour palette containing its unique flora, fauna, and landscapes.

You’ll encounter cute animals and discover the influence of emotions on the world around you. In addition, the Golem’s emotions will affect the weather, plants and animals around it as it searches for a place to call home.

Unpretified LadiesGamers

If the funding goals are reached and beyond the developers plan on adding a butterfly customisable tool and additional side quests. Furthermore, the game will be ported to the Nintendo Switch if the campaign reaches over the required amount.

Additionally, The developers are also donating $1 to Cool Earth for every backer of the Kickstarter campaign; more details on that will be revealed soon.

Wishlist Unpretrified –  A Dreamhunt Story on the game’s Steam page here.

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