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Kitten’s Head Football Review

Game: Kitten’s Head Football
Genre: Sports, Multiplayer, Party, Action
System: Nintendo Switch
Developer | Publisher: Soroka Games
Age Rating: US E | EU 3+
Price: USD $7.99 | UK £ 6.99 | EU € 7,99
Release Date: September 16th, 2022

Review code used, with many thanks to Soroka Games.

Combining themes can be risky in the art, characters, or any related aspect of a game. Kitten’s Head Football is a sports multiplayer game that blends random skins and backgrounds. It is, in its essence, what you read in its name: Kittens playing football with their heads, however, as much as it sounds interesting, it has its downsides as well.  

Kitten’s Head Football LadiesGamers
Main menu and my lucky black cat.

Confusing Beginning Yet Easy to Play

Once I start playing a new game, depending on its genre and difficulty, I start having a look at the controls or doing a tutorial (if the game has one). Of course, sometimes the controls are so intuitive that these elements are not needed, you can skip it or do it fast to get over with it quickly. Kitten’s Head Football’s beginning left me disoriented on its gameplay and how to progress. It felt like a straightforward type of game, but at the same time, it took me some time to discover certain factors that could have been introduced more clearly and simply. 

Kitten’s Head Football LadiesGamers
Pretty simple and basic controls.

The game is a plain football match with two goals, one on each side of the screen. The player controls a cat that plays against another cat on the opposite side. The actions the player can do are the following: Move, Hit, Meow (Yes, it only works for a “meow” sound), Jump, and Power Up. The player that scores the most goals before time runs out wins. The special features of this game that are supposed to highlight it from others are the power-ups that are gained after scoring two consecutive goals, the various skins, and the fact that you are playing “real players”, but these are actually a few of the factors that left me with higher expectations.

Kitten’s Head Football LadiesGamers
We went from a stadium to a lake, to the mountains, and then to space gates…?

Lack of Animation and Useless Action

Kitten’s Head Football has cute nice looking kittens, so far that is true. But even being a simple game that has such basic controls, I expected a little bit more regarding the animations of the cats. At least when the player hits the ball, there should be a clear animation that you are hitting the ball. Only after a few matches, I realized there is a slight movement on the cats’ arms when the player uses the hit action. And of course, the game is supposed to be “Head Football”, nevertheless, it was very difficult to know when I was hitting the ball, and when I was just touching it. The angles of where you touch the ball change the whole direction of it, making it sometimes chaotic. 

Kitten’s Head Football LadiesGamers
That slight arm raise is the hit animation.

Regarding the “Meow” action, it was great in theory, but not in practice. Like in Untitled Goose Game with the “honk” of the Goose, which was hilarious, and sometimes had some repercussions, it can be entertaining to have these useless, yet charming actions. But in Kitten’s Head Football, using this futile action is not as satisfactory as it could be. Firstly, its volume is quite low and has no noticeable animation. Secondly, after doing it a few times it doesn’t always continue doing it and doesn’t have any consequence whatsoever. 

Monotonous Music

I feel one of the biggest flaws Kitten’s Head Football has is the music. As soon as you start the game, in the main menu, on selection screens, and even during the match, you hear the same monotonous music. It doesn’t even change when you win or lose, and it is not a great one. It was not long before I decided to continue playing without the sound after noticing that I was getting tired of the same unexciting tune. 

Kitten’s Head Football LadiesGamers
The ninja cat is angry!

Competition Saved the Day

Now, after mentioning all the previous aspects that left me hoping for a little more, there is still something I cannot deny and that is an addictive side of this game. The misleading preview made me think that I would be playing with other real players, which usually would mean online players. But even though their names changed with those similar to players, I was sad when I realized they were NPCs. 

Kitten’s Head Football LadiesGamers
When you lose by one point, you won’t stop until a win.

The only joy was to play together with someone else in the room. Discovering the game and challenging another in Kitten’s Head Football is fun, even with all its flaws. Because of a clear UI and easy-in-easy-out of the game, it was more enjoyable to play it multiplayer than I expected. It even made me be competitive and try to learn the best tactics to hit the ball at the right angle or use certain power up at a precise moment to my advantage. 


Kitten’s Head Football’s mixture of flaws and joys made me perplexed. Even though the game has many things to improve, it is undeniably entertaining to play in the background or with someone else for a few matches. Sadly, it does get old fast and the quantity of content is not that much. Of course, Kitten’s Head Football’s price is not that high, still, be aware if you are planning on getting it, because of the lacking factors it has. 

Final Verdict: I’m Not Sure.
I'm not sure

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