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Kovox Pitch Review

Game: Kovox Pitch
Genre: Rhythm, Action, Sports, Music
System: Nintendo Switch (also available on Steam (Windows) PS4 & Xbox One)
Developer|Publisher: Calvares | Redblack Spade
Age Rating: EU 3 | US E
Price: UK £5.99 | US $6.99 | € 6.99
Release Date:  September 5th, 2023

Review code used with many thanks to Redblack Spade

Kovox Pitch Switch shows a character outside a garage with a baseball bat in their hand
Deformaciya Vospominaniy (The End of Sunny Days)


In gaming, there have been many iterations of rhythm series such as Guitar Hero and Dance Dance Revolution featuring unique controllers. After the wave of popularity, these types of games within arcades and your own console seemed to fade away.

Rhythm games becoming a common type of mobile gaming with the rise of touchscreen mobiles. Some indie titles rose to esteemed acclaim without the need for additional controllers and a solid gameplay loop such as Cadence of Hyrule: Crypt of the Necromancer. Kovox Pitch is striving to follow suit being a rhythm game without the need for additional controllers. With this review, Kovox Pitch is now accessible on all major platforms with a recent release on the Nintendo Switch.

 Kovox Pitch Switch image shows a character standing in the street
In the Streets


Kovox Pitch follows the story of an older brother reminiscing with his younger brother to reconnect with each other. Since the older brother moved away, the younger brother has become isolated and engrossing himself in activities that he can enjoy and understand. This led the younger brother to attach a baseball firing mod on the back of their mopeds to the soundwaves of music. Within the story mode, each new level is from the older brother taking the younger one to locations they have a history in and reminiscing about the past.

Kovox Pitch Switch a character in a street surrounded by buildings
Kuda Katitsya Moja Golava (The End of Sunny Days)


As with most rhythm games, you must hit the buttons in time with the on-screen prompt to hit the music note. As a quick disclaimer, I am not musically gifted and rhythmically challenged, so I found Kovox Pitch quite difficult when compared to other rhythm games I have played.

Kovox Pitch’s music notes follow the beat of the baseballs that fire from the back of the mopeds. The health bar is a key mechanic to the rhythm portion of the game as you can increase the health you have by hitting the baseballs consecutively in a combo. Conversely, this applies to missing hits on baseballs will lower your health.

Additionally, the more hits you miss in a row, the more health you lose. As Kovox Pitch has a small health bar, the levels can be quite the fight or flight experience to complete the level. This really amps the difficulty when playing the game. Within the story mode, each new level introduces new mechanics to the rhythm formula such as long-held notes and using the foreground and background for extra notes for the song’s rhythm creating a unique dynamic to the gameplay.

 Kovox Pitch Switch rhythm game shows a character swinging a bat under a bridge
Gameplay Loop

Art and Sound

The game is presented in a 2.5D anime-inspired art style. In terms of level backgrounds, this works really well as they convey the world that these brothers have experienced together. Additionally, the new Switch release features a different UI when compared to the PlayStation and Xbox versions. This UI is more stylised to utilise brighter colours and a font that stands out more. Curiously, the hit reticule is a lot smaller compared to the earlier versions of the game.

As Kovox Pitch is a rhythm game, the soundtrack is rather important. I was not expecting the Eastern European tracks that are within the game with no English language within any vocals. The tracks can vary from a 90-second rock jam to a 3-minute punk anthem. Making each level feel different from one another. Whilst I did not expect it, I really enjoyed the vibe that Kovox Pitch is going for.

r Kovox Pitch Switch character standing on a pier
On the Seafront


Overall, I think Kovox Pitch has a lot of content for a low cost. The game has a nice vibe, a free-play option and a story mode. The new UI is an improvement on the older versions. It’s about two brothers reconnecting and spending time together. I could recommend this game to anyone who enjoys a challenge, loves a rhythm game or enjoys a challenge. Kovox Pitch is currently on sale until 20th September 2023 on the Nintendo store. The prices listed at the top of the review are the normal pricing and be sure to pick up the title on Switch here.

Final Verdict: I Like it. I like it

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