Ladiesgamers Discussion: Just How Big is Your Game Backlog?

It’s confession time!

How many games do you currently own for your current systems? Today, I began to count my physical and digital Switch purchases and realised that since March 2017, I’ve purchased more than 60 games. That fact alone made me sit back with surprise. But then, I decided to count how many of the 60+ games I’ve played to completion. In total, I’ve finished 11 titles, which means I have a backlog of 50+ games for Switch alone. Granted, not all of these titles are AAA value titles, but it does make you wonder how much we spend on games, and whether we actually get our money’s worth from them.

My backlog includes titles like Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Axiom Verge, Star Dew Valley, Celeste, Blossom Tales, Mario and Rabbids Kingdom Battle, etc.

Anyway, this short little exercise reminded me about the extent of my backlog, and perhaps you’re in a similar situation. How many games do you have in your backlog? Why do we keep purchasing games when we already have so many to play? What games currently make up your backlog? Will you play these games again or are they long forgotten? Alternatively, perhaps you’re like the great Captain Picard pictured above who wants to tackle his backlog but simply doesn’t know where to start.

Some tips

I’ve added three useful tips, which will help you to clear your backlog.

1. Make a list.

Some gamers have found written lists to be a helpful tool in reducing backlog. A simple list can help you prioritize which games you want/need to play without forgetting about them. Make a note about each games genre, and shuffle them, so that your list offers a good variety of different game types to play. In other words, don’t play multiple games from the same genre one after another, or you could suffer what one writer calls, “genre burnout.”

2. Don’t play too many games at once.

How often have we tried to juggle 2 or 3 games at a time and realised it was too much. As soon as you’ve realised your mistake, you decide to have a break from one or maybe two titles, and focus your attention on one. At first this plan sounds reasonable, but it’s ultimately flawed, because it usually leads to forgetting plots, past events, and current objectives. Of course, some game genres are designed to be played in short bursts, so making time for such titles alongside a primary (more in-depth) title offers the gamer some variety. However, don’t rack up multiple AAA games, hoping to play all of them together, for such aspiration’s rarely bare fruit.

3 Gaming is a Hobby.

At times, we may approach gaming like Captain Picard pictured above, but gaming is an enjoyable hobby. This means clearing your backlog needn’t be considered a cumbersome chore. Your gaming library exists to entertain you. A negative attitude will simply increase your backlog further.

Please feel free to share more tips and ideas below in the comment section.


  1. As you might have guessed, I love the Star Trek photo! Even though Kirk will always be my favorite captain, lol.
    As I’ve mentione more then once here in the site, there’s only one way to go when it comes to managing backlogs: I just game where the mood takes me. Gaming is supposed to be fun, and with my very limited amount of spare time, I just wanna have a good time!

  2. I have a lot of games for each console I own, but I have but not a lot of back log. I don’t buy every games that comes out (Switch physical and digital, probably less than 20 ( or maybe less than 15) as of now) or super hyped from fans/ forum/ social media/ blog page. Few genres I don’t care for (hence will not buy them) also helps cut down on over collecting/hoarding/backlogging.
    Day one buy is only reserve for either very popular LE/ CE. Or I am certain it’s something I will play for the next few days (somewhat without much interruption).
    Every other games I am either on the fence, or interested but not really in the mood during certain time period, can wait for price drop, pre-owned, sales and/or when I am out of games I feel like playing. I watch Kdrama JPdrama while I wait for games ( I am very much looking forward to) releases, which means I will purposely get a game just because……

    Also, I don’t care for Trophies, making sure I find all the secret ( if there is any ), or find all the kook seeds ( I find what I can find, lol! )

    I seldom juggle more than 2 games at a time, because I get confuse easily (especially playing JRPG/RPG/Adventure, where there is huge map that I’ve explore and don’t want to recap my steps. )

    I have all kinds of hobbies, but I also have very short attention span, lol!

    1. oops, I have to edit certain sentence. (this is what happen when you hit enter without proofread, lol!)

      1: Day one buy is only reserve for either very popular LE/ CE. <<<( only for those I am interested )
      2: which means I will purposely get a game just because…… <<< ( Actually I meant I WILL NOT purposely get games )

      1. Lol Sab, I had already gathered what you wanted to say before the proofread. I was surprised just now when I counted and found that I only have 10 games for my Switch! Haven’t I been a good girl this past year! It’s all due to Zelda BOTW, I was so engrossed in the game that for months I didn’t buy anything.
        Plus, I feel the game really needs some good simulation games, like you I don’t care for some genres so I won’t even try them. And it’s been a long time since I tried out a new game just because I had no other good game to play at the time, haha!

  3. I fancy thinking that I don’t have a backlog, but rather a gaming collection. I operate under the assumption that I’ll play all the games in my collection at some point; and if I don’t, well, I can always pass them on to my nephews or resell them. But just collecting them is great fun, and playing them is even more enjoyable, so I really don’t suffer from backlog-related anxiety. ^^

  4. My backlog is way more extensive than I care to admit, and I do just keep adding to it! However, focusing on only one or two games at a time definitely helps out. 🙂

  5. In recent days I’ve restarted Mario and Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. I’m hoping to play that alongside Tropical Freeze and eventually complete it! My goal now is to try and complete as many games as I possibly can. I wonder how that’s going to work out. 🙂

  6. I don’t necessarily buy games and not finish them, but I have a TON of games that I’ve played for a bit and never finished. I can’t help but get new games and try them out. So my backlog is really just a collection of unfinished games.. which I should really take care of. xD

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