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Ladiesgamers has a new dress

Well, figuratively speaking of course. Ladiesgamers looks a little different from now on, thanks to my daughter Caroline. She started studying to be a graphic designer this year, and she was kind enough to design the new Header for me. She took into account all the games I particularly love, so I couldn’t be happier with the result! And do take notice of the One Ring to rule them all, hanging from the letter ‘g’. Like a friend wrote “Gaming rules it all”!

Anyway, I hope you like the new ” dress”: do you think this is a banner we can drink our coffee under and have our chats?


  1. That was very kind of your daughter to make this new Header for the website! I must say, she’s done a really good job on it. Really pretty colors as well, with the Autumn motif going on.
    And yes, I think this is a good Banner to sit and have coffee under. Especially with Jibanyan near the “A”, and Isabelle on the “L” (Dang it, why is Jibanyan and Isabelle so dang adorable!?)

  2. Cute 🙂
    Not sure about the autumnal leaves …?
    Also, I won’t approve this until I get a promise that tea will also be served to those of us who don’t drink coffee!

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