LadiesGamers is going digital!

What’s the saying? Never too old to learn?

If you’re a regular visitor you will know that LadiesGamers started out as the site where I could vent the thoughts of a woman who is 50+ in years and loves playing video games. Now we are four years on (do the math!) and playing video games and maintaining this site still gives me the positive energy I need in daily life.

In the last months we have seen some changes on the site. Added to my ramblings on laid back gaming we have many reviews up, mainly about Switch games. New writers have joined my team, and we can cover a wider variety of handheld gaming.

It seems like the right time to take it a step further: LadiesGamers is on Youtube! You can find us here:8D55AD66-1186-4171-BCA4-1634476805D1


Yeah I know, there are many, many voices on YouTube that talk about games. But most represent the male view or the view of younger girls. Not many views or voices of middle aged ladies!

Moderate beginnings though. For now, we will only show footage of gameplay, from some of the games we are reviewing, and we’d love it if you subscribe to our channel. In the future more features will follow, but we don’t have that all planned out yet.

I can think of The Handheld Gaming News that would fit nicely on there, as would some compilations of games that we think are worth the money.

With that, I would like to invite you to chip in. What kind of content would be great for our YouTube Channel? Please let us know, as your opinion is, and always has been, an important factor!


  1. Wow, I think this will be a really good move for you! I’ve been thinking about it for a while now but I truly think a video sharing platform is best for you. Especially since not many people (besides a select few and fellow readers) flock towards blogs immediately. Which is understandable given how little time people have. I think you’ll easily be successful with whatever you choose to talk about and I’ll certainly follow you 🙂 If I were to suggest anything, I think focusing more on the Switch, 3ds, (basically nintendo) and maybe the PS4 would be a good pull for your channel. You present a lot of games I’ve either been curious about or never heard of and I think introducing and discussing those games would be great.

    1. Thanks! We are indeed focusing more and more on the Switch, but that’s still a handheld device as far as I’m concerned. That’s going to stay the focus, to cover Handheld Gaming only.

      I must say that taking the plunge to actually talk on the YouTube channel is something I’ll postpone till after my vacation , that is a big leap!

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