LadiesGamers Overview Week 7

Come on in my friend, and get yourself a nice cup of coffee or tea. Time to look back at the overview of everything that happened on the site this past week, running from February 10th until February 16th 2020.

The weekly news highlights what happened on this past week. So if you haven’t had time to read during the week, here’s all that was published all wrapped in a nice package.

This weeks reviews

Orn: The Tiny Forest Sprite Review ( Nintendo Switch)

Visually Orn the Tiny Forest Sprite looks good and the idea behind the platformer is a nice one. The actual gameplay leaves something to be desired though as Paula finds out.

Bridge Constructor Ultimate Edition Review (Switch)

Ever thought you’d like to construct bridges, to be a bridge engineer and architect? In Bridge Constructor Ultimate Edition that’s exactly the role you play. Paula finds out that triangles are your friend when building bridges.

OmoTomO Review (Nintendo Switch)

OmoTomO is a new addition to the eShop, one that not only helps you exercise the grey cells. Enter the Zen garden: time for some peace and quiet!


Just A Phrase Review (Nintendo Switch)

Abbi tried out Just a Phrase, and finds it a simple little puzzle game that does exactly what it says on the tin, and is definitely geared towards a younger audience.

Psikyo Shooting Stars Alpha Review (Nintendo Switch)

NISA brought us the collection of Psikyo arcade games in the Alpha collection. Evaristo checks out the shoot-m-ups and enjoys them with a friend.

EQQO Review (Nintendo Switch)

EQQO is set in a gorgeous immersive world and tells the emotionally charged story of a mother’s love, guiding her blind son who guards an important egg. Maddison tells us all about it.


Glass Masquerade 2 Illusions Review (Nintendo Switch)

Glass Masquerade 2 illusions is the second game in the puzzle series on Switch. Bringing another set of gorgeous glass stained images. Paula takes a look.

Mosaic Review (Nintendo Switch)

Are you feeling like there’s something missing from your life and perusing social media accounts isn’t fulfilling? Pick up Mosaic and take a look at the future…

Indie Gems Bundle JRPG Edition Dungeon Rushers and Robothorium Review (Switch)

The Indie-gems bundle JRPG edition offers two games, Dungeon Rushers and Robothorium. Both are turn-based games in 2D perspective. Paula checks them out.

Featured articles/ Editorials

Ben’s Animal Crossing Plans

We are getting closer and closer to the Animal Crossing New Horizons release….are you already thinking about town names and your designs? Ben is!

More Switch Games for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day: what better way to play video games together with the one you love? Paige has a few suggestions for everyone’s taste.

Yoshi's Crafted World

YvoCaro Plays: I’ll get fit by gaming….or not

Being fit and sporty is all the rage. Muching on kale, eating superfoods and exercising till you drop. Even Ring Fit tries to help. So once again I give it a go. But will I ever get fit?

Aunty Acid, exercising, don't like sports, playing video games

Gaming News

Gaming News Weekend 7 with these news snippets

  • Valentine’s cards Animal Crossing
  • Can you run a delivery service? Maybe with Totally Reliable Delivery Service
  • Upcoming RPG Haven about love and freedom

  • Dragon Quest: Our Story is on Netflix
  • Meet the bachelors and bachelorettes in Rune Factory 4S

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