Ladiesgamers turns 2 today!

I’m celebrating a little birthday here behind my laptop here: my website A Lady and Gaming Plus turns 2 years old. Who would have thought when I wrote my first blog on April 25th 2014? And now, here we are, 410 articles down the road. Most of them about gaming, with a smattering of articles about everyday life thrown in. I hope you have had fun reading my ramblings, I know it has given me a lot of fun and positive energy writing it.

This bit is from my first ever blog “Mood swings in gaming“, and I’m pleased to say that I still game wherever the mood takes me!

I find that happens often, I swing from device to device, and each of them demands my full attention. I used to feel that I should keep up with all of them, that I had that obligation. But some time ago I decided that I would just go with the flow, and game what I wanted to game. Feels good!

For those of you who have been my devoted readers: thank you so much for joining me here for a chat over the years, it wouldn’t half the fun if you hadn’t been here to share it with me!

Let’s see where the next year takes!

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