The lady gamer has a spring dress

The first bulbs are already visible in my garden, so even though it’s still officially still winter, let’s bring a bit of Spring to So, here it is, the banner for Spring 2017. As you may already know, the banners are made by my daughter Caroline, who studies media design. I just tell her the games that I’m loving at the moment, or that I’m looking forward too, and she weaves it all into another great hallmark for the site.

Maybe this is a good time too to alert you to ways to connect with me and my gaming passion. Want to share what game you are currently enjoying? Or do you search for info on one of the games that have held my interest? Or do you just want to have a nice chat about 3DS, Vita or mobile games? Heck, sometimes there’s even room to chat about topics that are totally unrelated to games!

These are the various ways to connect:

  • Get every article straight in your mailbox by subscribing through email. You’ll see a pop-up on the site.
  • There’s my Facebook page, which has all articles published too. You can find the page when you follow this link, just click Like, and you’ll see all the news.
  • Find me on Twitter, follow this link.
  • Of course, you can always comment straight to every article on here too!
  • And last but not least for my female readers: I host a group on Facebook called Ladies and Gaming. It has been in existence for many years now, and totally drama free, which is a good thing. You can find the group here, if you would like to join.

Chatting about games and finding a common passion to share is half the fun, isn’t it?


    1. Yeah, somehow it feels like winter should be over, but like you said, winter definitely hasn’t left yet! Tiki is great, love the transformation to dragon form.

  1. Right now I am putting up with gale force winds and the occasional shower, so it still feels like winter. Nice banner. It’s neat to see characters from two games I am currently playing – namely Fire Emblem Heroes and Atelier Firis.

    1. So still no spring for you? Over here is was so mild today that I could go without a coat!
      Did you see the 50 free orbs today, just for logging in? Great huh?

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