Laptop trolley carries gaming devices too

Recently I read an article stating that the sound of cities like London, Paris and New York was changing. Every time of the day, you can’t escape the sound of trolley’s: suitcases on wheels, rolling laptop cases and large bags on wheels. There has even been talk about the Italian city of Venice wanting to ban wheeled luggage, saying it wreaks havoc on the historic paving. Hefty fines where promised when you used plastic wheels under your luggage instead of liquid or air filled wheels. As if they are widely available…pretty soon the statement was retracted, saying they meant to indicate “handcarts and transpallets transporting goods on the pedestrian paths”. Right. I guess they thought better then to annoy tourists with fines up to $500, tourists who are after all the main source of income.

But they did raise a valid poin: rolling suitcases and laptop trolleys are noisy, irritating in large crowds and you have to take care not to trip over one in your commute when you use public transport. More then once I thought to cross behind a fellow traveller in the masses navigating the railway station, only to trip over the trolley they were dragging behind them. Now I work in what they call an unplugged office, which means no bureau of your own, no little drawers to put your own stuff in, no desktop computer of your own. We all have a laptop that we take to the office every day. Initially I had a shoulder bag, but that got too heavy. A rucksack followed, not the most charming sight, but better for my shoulders. Still, it took its toll, lots of headache where the result.

imageSome time ago I caved, and joined the trolley-drawing crowd: I bought myself a cheerful and flowery laptop suitcase on wheels. So yes, I’m one of those annoying people ( though I do try to keep it close behind me…does that count?). And you know what? I love it! Not just because I don’t have to carry my things, but because it can hold so much. Think PS Vita, think 3DS and occasionally my iPad! In fact, I tend to throw all kinds of things in, a coffee traveller mug, my lunch, some deodorant, a potato peeler ( for my apple), my power bank. Everything but the kitchen sink!


  1. I recently bought a bigger bag and I am enjoying it in the same way. I can fit in my chromebook, notepads, pens, a thermos and it does not even feel full!

    It does mean I occasionally lose my keys at the bottom but it’s worth it!

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