Let it snow!

My favourite time of year is fast approaching. This weekend we will celebrate Sinterklaas’ birthday by giving each other presents. After that, it’s time to put up the tree and Christmas decorations. Long evening, candles burning, Christmas music. A great time to celebrate with your loved ones.

I decided that I might as well go ahead and put up the Christmas tree here on Ladiesgamers.com. So thanks to Caroline, I got myself a nice new banner. Great work again, kiddo! All my favourite games of the moments are depicted again, it makes the website so festive.

Pretty soon we will have to discuss the games of the year again, always love looking back on my gaming year. And what a good year we had! But for now, I’m going to turn on the snow on here. Enjoy watching the snowflakes flutter down. I can’t turn them on for your mobile, but if you’re watching on your desktop, they can totally hypnotise you!


  1. I love your new blog banner!! Very festive!! Oh, and the falling snowflakes! Yes, very mesmerizing! How is it already December? Last winter we didn’t get any snow flakes either… I was so, so disappointed! We got a few ice storms, but nothing else. Here’s to winter snow this year for the both of us!

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