Let’s all get Rorona in Atelier Online!

Atelier news in abundance these days! The new full game, that will also be released on the Switch along the PS4 and the Vita, has a Japanese release date. December 21 2017 it will see the light there, so I’m guessing it will be Spring 2018 before we get it. No matter, I can wait!

In the meantime there’s news about the mobile Atelier game. A new early-registration campaign has started to get a Rorona for everyone. You don’t have to actually register in the game, simply follow the game’s official Twitter account or add on LINE to surpass a total of 200,000 so that all players get Rorona when the game kicks off. By the way, you can only link to the LINE account on the device where you have your own LINE account registered. fullsizeoutput_18f7


No date yet for Atelier Online in the West. For now, I’ll just enjoy the messages I get for the game on my LINE account. While waiting, here’s the latest trailer to enjoy. Really, really looking forward to this one!

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