Life's not all about gaming! (or isn't it?)

Christmas dinner was a success, my guests have left, and First Christmas Day is over. You read that right, First, because in the Netherlands we have Second Christmas Day too. Time to sit down and relax and write a little blog. Like I wrote last week, the end of the year is perfect for looking back, after 8 months of blogging. Earlier I wrote about gaming blogs that had hardly been read in the first months of my blogging existence. But I don’t always write about gaming, these five were not about gaming. You might have missed them too as they are from the early days, but I have had just as much fun writing them!

Star Trek, TOS, It's Life, Jim Kirk, Spock

1. It’s Life Jim, June 26th I think we’ve already established that I have a passion for gaming. What I haven’t told you yet, is that I have been a fan of Star Trek for over 43 years now. I started watching it when I was little, with my dad.
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Hobbitcon, Hobbit, Bonn, Maritim Hotel2. HobbitCon, a world on its own, April 28th I think I can safely say I’m not your typical middle aged woman. I lead a relatively quiet family life, no busy social life for me. I work in finances and I go about my everyday business without being the life of the party. Some would even say “a bit boring”..
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bikeriding, bike, Dutch, Holland3. The Bike Riding Dutch, July 18th My country is well known for its tulips and bulbs, another well-known fact is that we all walk on wooden clogs. (Going to have to disappoint you there, we actually don’t…) But there is something else that seems to be typically Dutch: we love to ride our bikes!
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20140512-202344.jpg4. Going on a holiday, is it worth it? May 10th Holidays, always an important and essential part of my life. But in my somber after holiday mood I got to thinking if the great joy of the holiday outweighed the stress before and after.
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Elizabeth Peters, Peters, Amelia, Peabody, Eddings5. Revisiting old friends, June 30th Can you bring yourself to playing a finished game more than once? I do, sometimes…Now in books it’s different for me. I’ve always read books from a young age, and I’ve collected quite a few of them. I prefer series where I can follow the same characters for a long time.
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