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Lifeslide Review

Game: Lifeslide
Genre: Adventure, casual, indie
System: Steam (Also on Apple Arcade)
Developers | Publishers: Dreamteck
Price: US $14.99 | UK £11.39 | EU € 12.49
Controller Support: Yes (full)
Release Date: August 6th 2021

Review code used, with many thanks to Dreamteck

Lifeslide, a paper plane adventure game originally released on Apple Arcade in 2019 and has now flown its way to PC via Steam.

Lifeslide LadiesGamers
Fly a paper plane

Paper Plane

The goal of Lifeslide is to fly a paper aeroplane through various levels in this arcade, physics-driven game With Lifeslide, the developers Dreamteck wanted to spread a message of positivity and happiness. As there isn’t a story of any kind players can decide their own meaning from their journey through the environment. This is a relaxing flying game that is essentially a journey through life.

Lifeslide LadiesGamers
Keep an eye on the timer

Basic Flight Sim Controls

Using basic flight sim controls, you manipulate your plane against the currents and around obstacles to continue your journey ever forward. As you fly your paper plane, speed can be maintained by flying close to the ground, you’ll gather momentum by using the terrain and the currents it creates to explore the world.

You’ll also need to be mindful of the timer ticking away in Story mode as you try to maintain the right balance between Time and Matter. Each time you fail, you can use Matter to improve stats such as aerodynamics, steering and or lift. There are also pieces to collect to unlock 5 paper planes with different base stats, you can swap to a different plane and try again.

Flying into and gather streams of yellow glowing cubes, (Time) adds to your time allowance, allowing you to progress forward. The other collectables available are streams of blue glowing cubes (Matter), which can be gathered and spent on upgrades for your paper plane. Additionally, ability markers can be flown into which allow for speed boosts forwards and upwards, while other markers allow for access through doors or give aeroplane parts to unlock additional models of paper planes.

Lifeslide LadiesGamers
New gameplay elements

New gameplay elements

Lifeslide introduces new gameplay elements as you go through the levels. Some levels have branching paths and obstacles for you to avoid. There are also items to gather to repair your plane, in case you ever bump into the ground. Since you dive down close to the ground to increase your speed, I bumped into the ground on a number of occasions, as it took me a while to get used to the controls.

At the start, the stages are mainly straight runs. However, this changes into more challenging stages with winding paths and interlocking paths. Sometimes these paths come up quickly and you have to change course as you combat gravity and time together.

Lifeslide LadiesGamers

There are 28 stages to play. Challenge levels to complete or, if you fancy really relaxing, you can try the Zen stages in the game. Since the Story mode is timed the Zen mode is the opposite and un-timed, it is the same stages as the main game but randomised, and you can customize replays of your favourite Lifeslide moments.

Lifeslide LadiesGamers
Fly my pretty

Controls and Visuals

The visuals of Lifeslide are really good, with beautiful low-poly environments to fly through. All is backed up with a soundtrack of a selection of electronic, rock, and orchestral elements.

Lifeslide LadiesGamers
A little nighttime flying

The controls are either Keyboard using the WASD keys or full controller support, the choice is yours. I tried out both methods and came to the conclusion I was much better at using the controller to fly. Using a single analogue stick to control the plane and the button to use power-ups. Only gentle nudges on the analogue stick are required to steer the plane so the controls are pretty simple and easy to get to grips with.

Lifeslide LadiesGamers
Low poly visuals


Lifeslide is an enjoyable game, more so once you get the hang of flying the paper plane. I enjoyed the Zen stages more than the Story Mode, but only because I don’t like timers. Flight or Flying games with physics-driven gameplay are something I wouldn’t normally play, but I’m glad I got to try out Lifeslide. With each level being used as a metaphor for life and the lovely ambient music this is one to try out on Steam.

Final Verdict: I Like It  I like it

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