Lifespan of App games

Lately I’ve been back into playing AppGames again, my iPad is happy to get all that love and attention after months of being used just to surf the internet and answer my messages. As I predicted in one of my earlier blogs, it was an update for HayDay that got me in the flow again. Yesterday I felt it was time to check back on my much loved games of the past years, to see how they had fared without my presence. Tribez and Tribez & Castlez where looking a mess, I had no idea trees and bushes could grow so fast. It will cost my little islanders a lot of effort again to clean it all up! Happy Street was just that, still Happy. No littering had taken place, just people strolling around. Though the shops didn’t have any goods to sell anymore, the critters didn’t look sad or forlorn because of it. They were just enjoying their digital life.

DragonVale was looking good too, no unwanted rocks had landed and a lot of new features had been added. The game finally had a Dragonarium where you can check which of the numerous dragons you have managed to breed. And they added something like island themes, which can only be bought for gems. But that’s okay, I’m rich as far as gems go. As I started the game on day one, I happened to make the first thread about the game in the iPad Forums about it and I got a lot of friends in no time who donated me gems. I didn’t even ask for it. Sweet!

I think I can say that app games can really have a long life span, despite examples to the opposite. The games I mentioned are a case in point: as long as they keep their tabs on what their audiences would like to see next, and keep on adding to their game through updates, the dedicated players will keep coming back time after time. Sure, like me, they will disappear from time to time. Distracted by real life or by other games. But there comes a time when something nudges your memory and you remember your little app friends. Curiosity wins over, and you just have to check in!

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