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Lilly’s Flower Shop Review

Game: Lilly’s Flower Shop
Genre: Adventure, Strategy, Puzzle
System: Steam (Windows)
Developers | Publishers: Graphium Studios | Denda Games
Controller Support: Keyboard & Mouse
Price: US $6.99 | UK £5.95 | EU € 6,82
Release Date: March 2nd, 2023

Review code used, with many thanks to Denda Games.

Lilly’s Flower Shop is an adventure puzzle game developed by Graphium Studio and published by Denda Games.

Help Lilly

Lilly's Flower Shop LadiesGamers
Lilly wants to build a flower shop

You’ll meet Lilly, an ambitious young woman who has always wanted to run her flower shop. She now has the chance to build the flower shop of her dreams with your help in the countryside, where she had so much fun in the summer.

So you help Lilly to rebuild and grow her Flower Store. In the process, Lilly makes friends with the mysterious biker and meets a few other town folks.

Match-3 Gameplay

Lilly's Flower Shop LadiesGamers
Match-3 gameplay

Lilly’s Flower Shop is a match-3 puzzle, where you are tasked with matching three or more flowers, gardening, and other flower shop items in a row.

The match-3 gameplay is much like every other match-3 game I’ve played; there are no surprises here. You have the usual power-ups and unique tiles that break when matches around them are made. In addition, playing the match-3 puzzles earns you coins, which are used to buy items and buildings for Lilly’s Flower Shop.

Earn Boosters

Lilly's Flower Shop LadiesGamers
The beginning of the flower shop on the waste ground

As you progress in the game, you earn boosters, which are unlocked by buying specific buildings. You can pick three boosters to use during the match-3 play.

The boosters give you advantages in the gameplay, such as adding an extra move to the board. Or all flowers matched will give three extra points within three moves. Using the boosters adds to the gameplay and can help you rake in coins more quickly.

Build the Flower Shop

Lilly's Flower Shop LadiesGamers
Meet the neighbours, though I’ve no idea what a cheek guy is; maybe it’s meant to say cheeky.

Between the match-3 gameplay, you are taken to the shop screen where you can buy the next building or item to build Lilly’s Flower Shop on a patch of waste ground. When I say build, you don’t actully do any crafting or construction; all you do is click the mouse button, and the game does the rest.

Lilly's Flower Shop LadiesGamers
Use up to three boosters.

I’ve played games similar to Lilly’s Flower Shop, where you match-3 and build. It’s similar in a lot of ways to Hope’s Farm.

However, unlike Hope’s Farm, where you choose what to place on your farm and how you want to place said building or item. In Lilly’s Flower Shop, you can’t place a building or item where you want, as it’s all predetermined by the game. So it’s a very linear game in that respect.

Storyline and Visuals

Lilly's Flower Shop LadiesGamers
Items and buildings unlock with coins.

It took me under 3 hours to complete the storyline; while it is satisfactory, it and the game’s design will not blow your socks off with a thoroughly engaging story and beautifully designed visuals.

Lilly's Flower Shop LadiesGamers
Albina is a supplier of imported flowers.

It is a pretty basic match-3 game with no bells and whistles. Furthermore, each game you play has unlimited moves; you can not change the game’s settings and add a timer or a specific number of moves to complete the match-3 puzzle. So there isn’t any challenge in playing the match-3 as you are not timed and have as many moves as you wish to complete it.

Controls are simple; you only use the mouse, and the game ran well on my laptop. The game’s music is relaxing as you match flowers with gentle guitar strums and a piano playing.

Lilly's Flower Shop LadiesGamers
The flower shop


I enjoyed Lilly’s Flower Shop; it is a fun game while it lasts. Unfortunately, the Steam store has many games similar in style to Lilly’s Flower Shop that are more interesting and offer the player a challenge. Lilly’s Flower Shop will fit the bill if you want a quick match-3 fix. However, I would look elsewhere if it’s a challenge you’re after.

Final Verdict: I Like it  I like it

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