Wolf Link saw real life action

Do you play Zelda Breath of the Wild? And couldn’t you resist some of the Link Amiibo either, like me?  If so, then not doubt you have had the pleasure of having Wolf Link Lopez beside you in the game. Really, it never ceases to amaze me that scanning the amiibo can conjure up a four legged companion in my game.

This morning, Wolf Link got some real life action that neither of us expected. Like most of us gamers I’m very careful with my Amiibo. They have a place in my book case, spaced out to look their best. And Wolf Link had a place of honor, in front of the Switch docking station.

Now you might remember that I have a young dog; after our four-legged friend Scotty had to say goodbye to this world, we bought a Biewer Yorkshire pup that we named Sammy. I wrote about her before of course, as she is as cute as they get. It took us some time to get used to have so much energy in the house again. Scotty was quite happy to sleep all day, Sammy isn’t. She wants to play, run and gnaw at bones.


In weekends we try to take it easy in the morning, shedding the stress of the working week. So we stay in bed a bit longer, reading and playing on our devices, drinking a nice cup of coffee. Sammy spends the night in her bench, but she gets to join us on such occasions with a nice chewing stick.

This morning was no different, but the chewing stick she got wasn’t to her liking, and she went back to the kitchen. Or so I thought. She stayed away for quite some time, and then came back and set to gnawing again, on the rug in front of the bed. I didn’t think anything of it, but I was surprised she didn’t jump on the bed.

After I while I called her, and then all became clear: the miscreant had sneakily taken my Wolf Amiibo and was happily gnawing away at it. By the time I fought her, the Wolf was missing an ear, and the crown of the imp Midna is severely damaged. Truth be told, as fierce as Wolf Link is, I didn’t see him put up much of a fight!

If you’re a gamer, you might understand Sammy didn’t have a joyful morning after this! And I was reminded that although she is pretty well behaved now that she is a year old, she is still a pup!Imagine having to run around the place all day in those. Doesn’t she ever worry that something might skip out? Wolf Link being attacked


  1. Oh no! Reminds me of the time when my cat (who is now 7) was only 3 months old and bit the cord to my husband’s Wii sensor right in half… he wasn’t happy with her for days!

      1. It’s hard to resist puppy eyes, isn’t it?! As it turns out, cute kittens are hard to resist too. I think I’m just a sucker for animals anyway, and it’s hard for me to stay mad!

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