Link’s Awakening – Amiibo Unlocks

The remake of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening released on the 20th of September. One of the new additions is the Chamber dungeon, where you can use parts of previously completed dungeons to make your own.

(Any of these amiibo work. The Link’s Awakening amiibo has a different bonus.)

Using amiibos from The Legend Of Zelda line you can get special chambers. As well as save any chambers you have created to them. Any amiibo from either the Legend of Zelda line, or Zelda series Smash Bros amiibos are compatible.

Getting Started

You have to have completed the second dungeon and returned Bow-Wow. Then head right out of town and past the rocks, and Dampe will ask you to visit. Following that you can go up the ladder, and to his shack which is just past Tabahl Wasteland, at Tal Tal Heights. After which you can complete the first chamber dungeon arrangement and run.

Once you have done the first dungeon arranging tutorial. You may talk to Dampe and under the amiibo option, select “Get special chamber”. Then you can scan one of your Zelda amiibos to unlock a new dungeon chamber. If you want to save a chamber, you must have made and completed one. Then under amiibo, select “store dungeon” or “receive dungeon” if you want to play one that’s saved to someone’s amiibo.


There are a total of five chambers you can unlock with any Zelda amiibo. These being:

  • Great Fairy Chamber
  • Great Moblin Chamber
  • Ball and Chain Trooper’s Chamber
  • Winged Item Chamber
  • Armos Knight’s Chamber

The Winged Item and Great Fairy Chambers are helpful, while the other three are mini bosses.

Shadow Link

If you have picked up the new Link’s Awakening Link amiibo he adds a plus feature. This allows you to add Shadow Link to any dungeon you have. Then when arranging a dungeon, you can pick him from the + Effect chamber list.

From there drop him into any chamber room you wish. It’s probably best to not add him into a mini boss room, but you are free to do so. Unlike other enemies, Shadow Link will continue to chase you throughout the dungeon. Thankfully the game will not let you add him into the main boss room. If you manage to get to the last boss without killing him, he won’t follow.

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