Little Dragons Cafe has a releasedate

For some time I’ve been on the media press list for Aksys games, which is why I got an invite to attend the press event today, on March 20. It would include a preview by Yasuhiro Wada about Little Dragons Café. Wada is known for games like Harvest Moon, Story of Seasons and Hometown Story, so you can understand I’m really curious about this new upcoming game for the Switch.

But alas, I have a real-life job and a family here in the Netherlands. So though it sounded like a dream to actually fly out to San Francisco and attend the lunch presentation, the reality is that I’m at home hoping for some news about Little Dragons Café.

Good news: the game is up for pre-order in America, to be released at August 24 2018. And there are  screenshots that look pretty good. I love the way the images looked like they are drawn in a colouring book. Here is some more info about the game

The game revolves around a pair of twins who find themselves needing to raise a baby dragon in order to wake their mother from an unnatural rest. They’ll do this while running a cafe they lived in with their mother before things went awry.

The footage gives us a look at how you’ll take on tasks, explore areas while gathering items. We also get to see the sister Rin cook up some eggs and also go fishing.

It really is a good time to be a handheld gamer, wouldn’t you agree? You can see the first 15 minutes gameplay below. First impression is that this cute game looks amazing!


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