Little time wasters

Though I’m a Nintendo gamer, at times I also play app games. I guess most of us do, nowadays. In fact, I think Nintendo will have a hard time keeping up the competition of app gaming. But that’s a nice topic for another blog. Today I want to talk about the way app games seem to be so much more addictive.

Ever since I’ve had my iPad, I’ve searched for app games that I might like, not surprising when you know how much I’m into my gaming. And I’ve found quite a few good ones, and shared them with my friends. Because if there’s one thing that app gaming does pretty well, then it’s the social aspect. Through Facebook or through the GameCenter, it’s so easy to connect to others. The way you interact with your friends is usually restricted, to for instance helping them fill their boat orders in HayDay or put new stores in their shops in Happy Street. It’s not as open as you will find for instance in Animal Crossing, which is a pity, but it does make it very safe too.

I always call them little time wasters: no need to think deeply about them, you just jump in for a couple of minutes during your coffee break. And then you can leave it alone again. So, nice enough, and though no real competition in my opinion to 3DS gaming, there’s a place and a time for them. What amazes me though is how addictive they usually are. My first ever blog mentioned HayDay, I’ve played that app game on and off since release day in 2012. At times I can’t wait to check in, at times I hate harvesting yet another crop. But I can’t seem to stay away for a long time.

Yesterday a good friend mentioned it to me, and today I saw the newest update to the game. Because that’s another thing they do very well, frequent update incorporating new features that players asked for. I thought I’d just peek in to see what they changed. And there I went again, harvesting, feeding the cows, fulfilling orders and wanting to check back later to see if my strawberry jam will be ready. If I don’t fight the compulsion now, I just know I’ll lose lots of precious time in the next weeks!

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