Logic Pic Review Ladies Gamers

Logic Pic Review

Game: Logic Pic
Genre: Nonogram, Puzzle, Co-op
System: Nintendo Switch
Developers | Publishers: naptime.games
Age Rating: US E | EU 3+
Price: US $7.99 | UK £6.80 | EU € 7,99
Release Date: August 5, 2022

Review code used, with many thanks to naptime.games.

Logic Pic is a nonogram, Picross puzzle game for the Nintendo Switch. It’s loaded with a variety of nonoagrams, and each section has a theme for all the pictures.

What is a Nonogram?

A nonogram, also known as a Picross Puzzle, is a math puzzle that forms a picture. The most basic of these puzzles are usually 5×5 grids, but the sizes of the puzzles can reach massive proportions. Each row and column has a series of numbers next to it; these numbers let players know how many squares are filled in and in what order.

Logic Pic Review Ladies Gamers
A standard 10×15 nonogram puzzle.

For example, if there is a 5×5 grid and one of the lines or rows has a five next to it, it means that whole row is filled in. If it has a 3 and then a 1, it means there are three blocks filled in, one empty block, then the last block is filled. When the puzzle is complete, the grid will form a picture.

The Gameplay of Logic Pic

Logic Pic is a fairly basic nonogram game. It has tons of puzzles; the smallest ones are 5×5 and very simple, and the largest one I have found so far is a 20×20. The size of the Switch screen seems to limit the puzzles from getting much bigger.

Logic Pic Review Ladies Gamers
Hey, look, it’s corn!

The A button allows players to fill in a block, and the Y button is used to indicate that the block doesn’t have anything in it. There is also a hint system, which is accessed with the X button. There is a puzzle mode, a story mode, and a tutorial for new players.

Logic Pic is different than a lot of other nonogram games as it doesn’t allow players to choose the incorrect option on a square in the grid, and it also doesn’t punish players for messing something up. While this could lead to cheating on puzzles, I found that I did everything in my power not to cheat and to try to solve the puzzles as intended.

A Massive Amount of Puzzles

The puzzles come in a variety of themes, from holidays to candy to memes to animals. There are a LOT of puzzles, and you can unlock more by paying like $6 USD to unlock all three of the DLCs, which all have another massive pile of puzzles.

Logic Pic Review Ladies Gamers
There are three DLCs filled with tons more puzzles in Logic Pic.

As I mentioned above, there is also a tutorial mode and a story mode. Since I’ve been playing Picross for years, the tutorial wasn’t helpful specifically to me, but it seemed to be a good starting point for anyone new to the game. Thankfully, you can skip this part if you aren’t in need of it.

Logic Pic Review Ladies Gamers
Each story mode section creates a little simple story.

The story mode is a really interesting addition to Logic Pic. It is a series of puzzles that tell a story. The first one is a brief story of a dog getting a new owner, and each picture is a panel that shows a new scene. In order to unlock each level of the story mode, players have to play some of the themed levels first.

There are many of these stories, and all of them contain more than 10 puzzles, adding even more nonograms to the already huge list in Logic Pic. Then, on top of all this, there is even a versus and a co-op mode for most of the puzzles.

Versus and Co-Op in Logic Pic

In Logic Pic, players have the option to couch play with up to three others. Everyone works together to solve the nonograms as quickly as possible. This is a fun way to teach others how to play, to get some help on a difficult picture, and more. I gave this a go with both my husband and a friend of mine, and the friend had so much fun that she went home and bought this game to share with her family.

Logic Pic Review Ladies Gamers
My friend was red, and I played as blue, and we solved this one together.

The versus mode is a lot more awkward; instead of trying to speed through the same puzzle on the screen, players have to fill in the same puzzle, collecting points by filling in squares on the grid. You get to choose how many seconds each player gets to go before the other takes over.

So I would start the puzzle, filling out as many as I could in the 20 seconds we gave ourselves. Then there was a pause of 5 seconds, then the other player would get 20 seconds to fill out as much as they could. It wasn’t very much fun, as you were always getting cut off in the middle of things and there was so much pressure that we found ourselves making pretty basic mistakes. And each mistake takes away some of the points you have worked so hard to earn.

Logic Pic Review Ladies Gamers
You get to decide the pause time between rounds, and you can also pick how long each round is.

We only played the versus mode once each, then we all went back to co-op which is a heck of a lot more fun.

The Pictures Are Weird

One of the main things I really disliked about this game was how weird most of the puzzles looked. You would put in all the effort into slowly putting the picture together, and it was nearly impossible to tell what it is until the color is filled in. Sometimes, it still isn’t clear after the colors are all there either. The game will fill in the color and say “Oh, it’s Zeus!” and both my husband and I would be trying to figure out how those blobs of colors were supposed to be a person.

Logic Pic Review Ladies Gamers
Many of the memes and foods were obviously not the American versions I was expecting. I’m still not sure what Feijoada is, but it doesn’t look very tasty in this pic!

That being said, a lot of the simpler puzzles, like the tennis racket and items with fairly recognizable outlines were pretty easy to figure out. I think they got a little over zealous with some of the more intricate puzzles, and probably needed to either tone back the details or made the grid larger.


Logic Pic Review Ladies Gamers
Just a couple of the many collections.

I love this game. I plan to play through as much of it as I can. There are tons of puzzles ranging from very simple to extremely difficult. I like the variety of puzzles, of pictures, and the unique additions of the co-op and the story modes. If you like nonograms or number puzzles in general, you can’t go wrong with Logic Pic.

Final Verdict: I Like it a Lot
I like it a lot


  1. This one seems to have some puzzles that require guessing, which is a huge no-no for Picross. It’s also missing a “mark” feature, which isn’t strictly required but certainly helps. It’s still good, but it’s hard to beat Jupiter who really perfected the formula with the Picross S series. There’s also Pictooi which does not require guessing and does have a mark feature (although it has other imperfections).

    1. I have yet to come across a puzzle that requires guessing, but even if there were, there is no real consequences for messing up, so I wouldn’t mind. I think the game was fun and the puzzles were fun. I think my all time favorite nonogram game so far has been Nonogram: Master’s Legacy on Steam! It has a lot of user-made levels and some of them go up to 100 x 100! Loads of fun. I love nonograms no matter how they are presented or what the rules are!

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