Looking back at 2015

Last day of 2015. A year that was marked for me by the loss of my gaming friend Lynn, who I still miss every day. The loss of two people I had high regard for, Leonard Nimoy and Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata stands out for me too.

September 11 2105: still shocked and stunned after receiving the horrible news of unexpectedly losing my gaming friend I wrote this for her. Still miss her every single day….My letter to my gaming friend here.cropped-cropped-image21.jpeg

February 27 2015 As you know I’m a huge Star Trek fan, especially of the Original Series. So the news that Leonard Nimoy died yesterday at the age of 83 was a bit of a shock for me. This news was especially sad for me, as I lost my father two years ago to the same disease. I have seen what it does to someone who really wants to keep on living and literally isn’t able to breathe in enough air to do so. Read more of this article image

July 11 2015: the sudden passing of Nintendo’s CEO Satoru Iwata shocked the gaming world. “On my business card, I am a corporate president. In my mind, I am a game developer. But in my heart, I am a gamer” Article here.image


On a positive note though, my website saw some new features that I want to mention too. I moved my site from Wordpress.com to Wordpress.org, and I introduced some new features.  Here are some of the events that marked my year.

Game genre, choises, difficult, fungamesMay 2015: Picture yourself in the situation that you’re bored with spare time on your hands. And you’re thinking that you’d love to play a good game, but you have no idea what game to pick.Just for those situations I decided to come up with a sort of game-chooser. Not like the ones you’d find on official gaming sites, but just my idea of good games that are waiting to be played at the right time and at the right moment. That’s how the series The Right Game for the Right Time started, where I tried to help people choose the perfect game for their mood. Check the entries out here! 

Fort Worth, Dallas, cattle drive,June/July 2015: I decided to add some non-gaming things to the site, effectively adding the Plus to A Lady and Gaming Plus. Wanting to share my trip through the USA with you all, I made a series of Seeing the US through Dutch Eyes. We visited Dallas, San Antonio, Amarillo, Albuquerque, The Grand Canyon, Page, Vail and Denver. Read what stood out to me

October 1 2015: I did my first interview with someone who doesn’t play video games ( hard to imagine, right?) This comment from Gina prompted me. “I know my son and grandkids would know EXACTLY what you are talking about…but me…hell, I don’t even know what DS means or is! The only game I ever played was pac man…can you believe that!! Well, it’s never too late so they say, sooo I did take in a little info and maybe that’s a start…” Read the interview here.

Interview, ladiesgamers, gina blueNovember 21 2015: This year I had my first guest blogger too on Ladiesgamers.com: Sarah Dyson. Sarah runs her own blog Parents guide to gaming and has made a list of five MMO games for all ages. Read her article here.

Thanks everyone for taking the time reading my articles and ramblings. Let’s make next year another good year to chat about games and all kinds of other real-life stuff!


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