Looking back on my gaming year

This past year I’ve picked one game per month, one game that grabbed my attention and made gaming extra fun. This is my list of games of the month for 2015, and it just stands to reason that my game of the Year 2015 will come from this list!

January: Innocent Life, a futuristic Harvest Moon on the PS Vita (2007)

February: Sorcery!, an app game played on the iPad (2013)

March: Atelier Rorona Plus, the Alchemist of Arland on the PS Vita (2014)

April: Story of Seasons on the 3DS (2015)

May: Puzzle & Dragons on the 3DS and as app game on the iPad (2015 3DS)

June: Fantasy Life on the 3DS (2014)

July: Minecraft on the PS Vita (2014)

August: Ar NoSurge, Ode to an Unborn Star on the PS Vita (2015)

September: Monster Hunter Diary Poka Poka Airou on the Japanese 3DS (2015)

October: Happy Home Designer on the 3DS (2015)

November: Code: Realize~guardian of rebirth on the PS Vita (2015)

December: Atelier Ayesha Plus, Alchemist of Dusk on the PS Vita (2015)

Not all of the games where released in 2015, so some of them don’t count when I chose my game of the year.The choice in Mobile games is easy: not that I have played so many of them, but only one of the games I played has been released in 2015. The choice for the 3DS game will be more difficult; Happy Home Designer and Story of Seasons are very strong contenders. And my choice of a Vita game will be even more difficult: nearly all games I played on the Vita made it to be Game of the Month, so you’ll understand I have some tough decisions to make. And only a few days left to make them!

Have you already taken the time to vote for your Handheld game of the year? There are three polls, one in each categorie:

Vita game of 2015

3DS game of 2015

Mobile game of 2015

Thanks for voting!

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