Looking for a free puzzler on mobile this week?

Some time ago I wrote this review about a little puzzler for mobile, that had caught my attention. Love you to Bits is a space adventure, about explorer Kosmo and his sweetheart Nova. The fact that Nova is a robot doesn’t deduct anything from their love for each other, somehow you can just feel the sweetness in the story.

Nova is blown up by enemy fire in outer space, and her parts are scattered across the universe. Kosmo doesn’t think twice, and goes on a journey to get her parts back. For now, that means 25 levels of gaming goodness, with a promise of more levels to come. The game includes a beautiful soundtrack as well.

The reason why I’m bringing it to your attention once again is that it’s downloadable in the iOS store for free now! No need to pay $ 3,99, but be quick to download it. I can’t find any confirmation anywhere about how long this offer stands! Still, even at the original price it’s a good game for hours of point and click puzzling! You can read my review of the game here.


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