Love you to Bits now on Android

Almost two years ago I made a review for a cosmic puzzle-filled point and click adventure that will creep into your heart when you don’t expect it. Space adventure Love you to Bits is very sweet and heart warming. It has taken the developer Alike Studio some time, but the game is now available on Android too for the price of $3,99.

It’s the story about explorer Kosmo and his sweetheart Nova. The fact that Nova is a robot doesn’t deduct anything from their love for each other, somehow you can just feel the sweetness in the story. Shocking then that Nova is blown up by enemy fire in outer space, and her parts are scattered across the universe. Kosmo doesn’t think twice, and goes on a journey to get her parts back.

The game gives you 25 levels of pure fun, these levels present themselves as planets, and each planet is unique. You will find yourself in an ancient castle with ogres, in an abandoned mine, in a Victorian mansion (The Quantic Library) with bookcases and fire hearths, in a kids playground, in a café threatened by aliens. And that’s only the first few planets. Don’t expect to walk from A to B in every level, every level has some new approach to puzzle solving.

This game is the perfect game to pick up for a bit, just solve one or two levels and come back to it later when you’ve got another minute to spare. It’s a very good game for a relatively low price that you can now get on Android as well as in the App Store, so I’ll say you can’t go wrong! If you’re interested, you can read my full review here.


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