Madorica Real Estate: combining the Switch with pen and paper

Madorica Real Estate is coming to Switch. It’s been out in Japan for a couple of weeks, and I’d already noticed it had English as a language in the description. Which could only mean we would get it West pretty soon. 

But October 11, the release date, is sooner then I thought! Now I’m all for quirky games, and this promises to be a special one. It combines floor plans you have to print out and combine with what you see in the game!

Quirky brain teasers with pen and paper

You are starting your new job at real estate agency “Madorica Real Estate”. It is the only real estate agency in town providing houses which are not haunted and are safe to stay in. Not your average real estate job then, after all, a town full of haunted houses?

Your boss orders you to exorcise evil spirits with magic in order to make the houses sellable. The hints to beat the evil spirits have been hidden in those haunted houses. To help you on your way, the manager gives you floor plans. Those are the ones that you have to print out on paper in real life. 

It’s up to you to fInd the hints and solve the riddle with pen and paper. Sometimes you even have to cut or fold to get the results you need. That way, you will find magic spells to do your job.

Looking at the YouTube clip, this game makes good use of what the Switch has to offer. I like the segment where you want to warp to the next room, but you have to input the correct code first. Pressing the shoulder buttons in the joycons virtually let’s you close your eyes and input the code. Neat!

This is a game I will try for sure; it can be played solo but I suspect playing it together adds a lot to the fun! Keep an eye on the site for a review!

Edit: the review for Madorica Real Estate is up, check out my impressions of the game!

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