Make Believe…fishing in Animal Crossing Switch

As I wrote last week, the fans of the Animal Crossing series are impatiently waiting for the mobile game, and even better, Animal Crossing on the Switch. As long as we don’t have any solid news, it’s fun to dream though. As die hard fan Josh “Bit Block” Thomas, has been doing. He has gone ahead and created a vision of Animal Crossing Switch in his YouTube series Make Believe, made by Nintendo Beyond.

Josh is really an avid fan, remember his first Make Believe clip, where he put his ideas to make and AC game for the WiiU? (if you want to check it out, it’s here) Sadly, Nintendo totally passed over the WiiU when it came to this virtual life game, maybe we will have more luck this time.

This time, he put his ideas for the fishing in the new Switch game in a video. It features a brand new shop in AC called the Shore Shanty, where Chip makes his passion for fishing into a viable business.

See the amazing video below, wait till 1.15 minutes in for some tantalising images of a game we are so anxiously awaiting. I’m sure it will get your blood pumping: I for one can’t wait to finally go back into my favourite world!

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