Making Memories

“All we have to decide is what we do with the time that is given to us”

~ J.R.R. Tolkien, the Fellowship of the Ring

Today in Writing101 I wanted to talk to you about a favorite quote, a quote by Tolkien, from the first book of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Being a part of the rat race, commuting to work every day and worrying about all daily problems, big and small, it’s often hard to keep an eye on the bigger picture. Sadly, it sometimes takes a shock like the sudden passing away of someone dear to make us look up from our doings and to actually be still and think. Think about all the loved ones that are still a part of your live, reach out to friends that you don’t speak to often enough and try to enjoy the little things in life.

gandalf, alan lee, quote, frodoThe quote reminds me of what my gaming friend used to point out when I told her I needed to get busy and do housecleaning, or some other useful chore that had to be done. She used to ask if I wanted to be remembered by my daughter for the clean house, or if I would like her to remember me when she was grown up as the mom who used to do fun things with her.

Of course, I do acknowledge that you can’t always ditch the must do’s in this way, but it does help to make choices. Yes, the house has to be cleaned, but does it have to be now? Or can you do a cursory sweep, and leave the bigger chore till next week, when time isn’t as precious? So ever since that time, there’s always this voice in my head that tells me to how important it is to Make Memories. Did I mention my gaming friend was very wise?

Because truly, we can’t influence everything, but we can decide for ourselves what we do with the live that we have.

  1. Very true, having lost a sister at 36, life is too short and you need to make choices to use your time wisely and as you say Make Memories

  2. That quote is one of my very favourites. Chores have to be done in time but there’s nothing more important that spending time with loved ones. I lost my grandmother two months ago and having spent so much time abroad I only wish I could have seen her more often. Liked this post very much. Well done!

    1. I lost a very dear friend only last week. She was an internet friend, but having written several times a day for 7 years forms a strong bond. She’s the wise friend in my blog…so I do exactly know what you mean. thanks!

      1. So sorry. Sad news indeed. You know, I find that friends, be it from the internet or not, it really doesn’t matter. There are loads of interesting and lovely people out there. I made loads of friends, through Twitter especially that have left such a mark in my life. This is such a beautiful tribute to your friend. You should be proud.

  3. Such a great quote! It’s one of my very favourites! It’s so important to spend time with our loved ones because life goes by in a flash. I recently lost my grandmother and my only regret is the fact that having spent so many years abroad I didn’t get to see her as much as I would have liked. Great post.

  4. Also I apologise for the double comment on there. I tried to post using my tablet with the WordPress app but it was giving me so much trouble. It said that I couldn’t post but apparently it was wrong. Sorry!

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