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For some time I have been contemplating taking this website that I enjoy so much one step further, and move it to a self-hosted site. This last week I have been trying to design the new one, and I’ve immersed myself in themes, widgets, API keys and Id’s. At the beginning I had no idea what I was doing exactly, but I slowly feel as if I’m getting a bit more grip on it.

Still, making the move is scary! If all goes well you will hardly see any difference, and all the content will still be there. If all doesn’t go as planned, you will see some sort of error message. I apologize beforehand, and I hope my fears will be totally ungrounded!

So, keep your fingers crossed!

Moving, new site, from to .org,


    1. Well, I wanted a bit more control, and another blogger I “met” convinced me it’s not much more trouble. She was right, not much more costly either with me on premium in .com. I had such fun tinkering!
      The snow is amazing, right? I think you can turn it on in .com too. Just go to settings, and then general. Somewhere on the bottom there’s the snow button!

  1. Good luck to you! I made the same decision some time back and still haven’t recovered, although I was moving from Blogger and life has just been all kinds of in the way. It can be a lot more work but can offer a lot more freedom and control as well.

    1. Yes, I know what you mean. I loved doing it, but it was quite a chore. Plus I had underestimated the power of WordPress Reader: it would seem my views have gone down. But, I’ll just work on diligently! I checked your link, but there’s nothing there yet, right?

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