Mama and her Forest Friends

On March 6 the games Cooking Mama: Bon Appétit! and Gardening Mama: Forest Friends will be available for the 2DS and 3DS in Europe.  The Cooking Mama title has been available in the USA since September.

Now its not usual for me to play these games, but I must admit that Forest Friends has a certain appeal for me. Might be because I hate cooking in real life, but I do enjoy gardening, as long as its not all about weeding. In Forest Friends you can grow 50+ types of plants, and deliver your garden items to six different animal stores. Doing so earns you gardening points, that you can trade in for items and decorations to make your one of a kind custom garden.

Trade points for items and decorations that let you create a one-of-a-kind, custom garden. Earning shop tickets gives you access to even more exclusive seeds. And this game uses Spot Pass too receive new garden backgrounds.

like I said, I’ve never played one of the “Mama” games, but this one does look sweet!

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