Marenian Tavern Story is coming to Switch!

A while ago, our ChamZen reviewed Marenian Tavern Story: Patty and the Hungry God, on mobile. She like it a lot (find the review here). I was surprised to see many people found the  game very interesting, as the article got a lot of hits.

The news that the game is coming to the Switch on November 9 in Japan is good news then. It’s also coming to the PS4, and is expected West too.

The game is a combination of simulation and RPG. Collecting ingredients and cooking to stock the restaurant. And meanwhile, you can also fight monsters in the RPG part together. And as you know, over here at the site we love a good sim/management game!

Here’s what the storyline to the game is:

Patty’s Father was once the owner of a restaurant in the city but alas, the family has fallen on hard times. When Patty returns from her travels she discovers the family home has been taken by the bank to pay off some debts. Patty is a kind hearted girl. She decides to open a Tavern in the village of Cookoro to pay of the rest of the debts. 

Patty plan is to make the tavern into a success by cooking wonderful dishes to sell in the Tavern to the local villagers. Oh and if all that wasn’t enough for Patty to cope with, the young brother has been possessed by CoCo the God of Poverty.


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