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Megalan 11 Review

Game: Megalan 11
Genre: Puzzle Adventure
System: Nintendo Switch (also on Steam (Windows), PlayStation, Xbox)
Developer | Publisher: Arkhipov Pavel |Sometimes You
Age Rating: EU 7+ | US E
Price: US $9.99 | UK £8.99| EU € 9,99
Release Date: November 30th, 2022

Review code used, with many thanks to Sometimes You.

Megalan 11 is a puzzle adventure game with great sound and a lot of heart. Its title is super close to a game that has a ‘M’ instead of an ‘L’ but do not confuse these titles because they are nothing alike. Jokes aside, it’s a quirky little game where you are stranded on a planet that has you race against the clock. The story felt like it was basically there to justify the gameplay. You and your crew are stranded on a planet, brought there by a distress signal, and crashed, and now you must survive and find a way to repair your ship.

Megalan 11 Crash
The Crew

The Sound And Art Are Great

The art is extremely cute and well done, from the character designs to the creatures that attack you and your base. The sound design is where I am most impressed, though. Every action and event had weight to them. Besides the creatures that live on the planet and your interactions, everything is quiet. That environment makes you feel like time is running out.

Megalan 11 Lost
I’m Lost

A Frustrating Start

I’m going to admit that I played through this game twice so I could give it a fair review. This is because I lost my way to the base in my first play-through.  Usually, I am very good at playing games off the cuff without paying too close to the tutorial. It shows the buttons at first but fails to tell you; you cannot run or use the map immediately.  Those come later as you repair your base of operations. But after I got power restored, I explored and wasted a lot of time walking around at the start. Unable to run and unable to see a map, I burned through more time than I should have.  Combined with gameplay bugs that are quite frustrating, I just ran out of time.

Megalan 11 Repairs
Repairs Are Important

Bugs Are An Issue In Game And Out of Game

The bugs on the planet are there to slow you down and get in the way. Yet, The bugs in the code do an even better job. When near your crew mates, pressing ‘Y’ will save the game, but if materials are near you and your crew mates, it’s frustrating whether you are saving or harvesting materials. I also managed to soft lock myself in a room blocked by unharvested materials with a full bag. I did manage to squeeze through the small gap, but it took a lot of time and the perfect angle to do so.

Then I do not know if this is a bug or a feature, but repairing is confusing. If I repaired something partially and then walked away to get more materials when I returned, I had to wait for the original materials to overflow into my inventory before I could repair it again. This caused me a lot of headaches.

Megalan 11 Save?
Did I want to Save???


If I had gone off my first play-through, where I ignored half the tutorial for a bit, I’d have probably been unsure about this game.  But my second play-through, where I was used to the game’s quirks, was extremely enjoyable. For the price, Megalan 11 is a worthwhile puzzle adventure game to pick up. Just be prepared to have a few frustrating moments.  I’d also recommend playing on normal the first time that you play instead of hard. So that the time limit doesn’t hurt your play-through.

Final Verdict: I Like it. I like it

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