Merry Christmas!

Christmas time is almost here! Tonight I will be celebrating Christmas Eve with my husband and daughter, and with my mother and my mother in law. This evening is a night of traditions for us: no fancy dinner, but some good “worstebroodjes”, followed by “suikerbrood” and  “kerststol” both buttered with full fat yummy butter. It won’t do to have it with the lean butter we normally use! I’ll add some pictures of what that is, I bet the people who aren’t from the Netherlands have no idea.

The table will be decked out for Christmas, the candles will be burning and we will enjoy each other’s company while remembering the loved ones that have already left us. A good way to start Christmas. And to accompany that leisurely meal, we will watch a Christmas movie. Some years we go back to old favorites, some years we buy a new movie. Last year we watched the old Bing Crosby movie “the Holiday Inn” ánd “A White Christmas” that last one is one of our favorites. Who isn’t enchanted by the romance, the songs and the snow at the end when the most famous Christmas song is sung? This year we bought a new (older) movie, Miracle on 34th Street. Might be strange for such a familiar movie, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen it! In fact, when one of my friends mentioned the movie on here (thanks Gina!) I realized that it was time to try that one.White Christmas, Bing Crosby, Danny Kay, movie

Let me take this opportunity to wish you a very happy Christmas. I had hoped to present you with some creativity here by other bloggers and readers, but I guess everyone is too busy this time of year. So I will just add my own Christmas Greeting:image



      1. It was awesome thanks Yvo, my wife was working so spent it with my parents, brother and sister and her family, and my wife’s off today so it’s Christmas day no. 2 and my third Christmas dinner 😉

        1. As well as some Walking Dead and South Park DVD’s I got Persona 4 Golden, Persona 4 Dancing All Night and Operation Abyss Tokyo Legacy for Vita, Mario Tennis for Wii U as well as Etrian Mystery Dungeon, LBX, SMT Devil Survivor 2 and Mario and Luigi Paper Jam Bros for 3DS! Hope you got some great presents and new games too 🙂

          1. Oh wow, you have your gaming work waiting for you! That’s a serious lot! I have created backlog of my own, Persona 4 is one of the games I bought in the recent discounts online in PSN. I didn’t get any games for Christmas, but I did get two Amiibo: Tom Nook and Chibi Robo!

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