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METEORA Preview Impressions

Code provided with many thanks to Big Boot Games.

METEORA is a fast-paced arcade racing game that turns players into a free-falling meteor. This game pits players against all the dangers of space, including other meteors, space rocks, and speed. With some beautiful space backgrounds and a bumping soundtrack, players that love arcade-style racing games will love this game.

The Gameplay of METEORA

Gameplay is fairly basic in METEORA; there are only a couple of buttons that players have to learn. There is a speed-boost, directional movement, and a button to use buffs while speeding past the stars. Basically, you play as a fiery rock speeding through space, and you have to avoid things that will hurt you while trying to pick up points and the green rocks full of health.

METEORA Preview LadiesGamers
METEORA pits players against some green meteors that will not only try to kill you, but can also be smashed for extra points and challenges.

There are also falling green meteors that have to be smashed in order to get through some challenges. These speedy friends can hit you from behind, but a sneaky player will be able to catch up, slamming them from behind and racking up those points.

What The Levels are Like

Each level has a challenge included. Some require a certain speed, a certain number of collectables, or certain amounts of green meteor TakeDowns. Every single level is a swirl of colors, filled with music that slaps and brilliantly beautiful backgrounds.

METEORA Preview LadiesGamers
The menu is very beautiful; it’s made of constellations that players have to connect by completing levels.

There are tons of collectables on every level, allowing players to get back some health. The stars even allow you to get some sweet upgrades like shields, more health, better power-ups, and other fun buffs to your little rock buddy.

METEORA Preview LadiesGamers
Speed collecting of stars sometimes made me a little dizzy, but it was still fun.

The Down Side to METEORA

That being said, this game is A LOT. The colors alone can cause almost anyone playing it to become overstimulated. Between the loud, thunderous beats, dizzying movement, and flashing lights, this game is not for everyone. Players should be safe when choosing games, and I would recommend caution before picking up this title. Thankfully, there is a demo that will allow anyone who is sensitive to try it out. I myself got a little dizzy after about 20 minutes of play and had to take a long break.

METEORA Preview LadiesGamers
There are many, many traps and dangerous things in METEORA.

Thankfully, the devs did put warnings in the game on the opening screen:

METEORA Preview LadiesGamers
Please be safe! Don’t pick up METEORA if you are sensitive to lights flashing!

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, METEORA is super fun, fast-paced, and colorful. While I can’t recommend this game to anyone that gets motion sickness, has epilepsy, or doesn’t like games that require good reaction times, I would recommend this to anyone who loves speed-based arcade-style games with wonderful aesthetics.


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