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Mii looking for travel destinations

Those who know me in real life know that I love to travel. I’ve commented in an earlier blog already that it’s my top priority. I used to say to friends that when I come back from one holiday that I like to have the next one planned. And by planning I don’t mean go to a travel agency and pick one from a brochure. No, I mean sitting down for hours and hours, checking out hotels and sightseeing destination. Planning what to go and see, trying to find things to visit that are a bit off the beaten track. Making a itinerary before we go, make sure all information about sightseeing spots is all arranged in notes…anyway, you get the picture.

Not surprising then that my Mii loves to travel too! My little twin has been with me since buying the 3DS of course, but she came to life yesterday when I downloaded Tomodachi Life. I’ve only just started playing, so more on that in a later blog. For now, I’d like to ask those of you who play Tomodachi if my Mii can come to live with you. I promise she is polite, kinda relaxed and very normal. And she would love to meet new friends!

Let me know if your offer her an apartment in your game, I’d love to know where she travels!

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