MiiTomo takes Japan

While we are still waiting to get a releasedate in the West for MiiTomo and My Nintendo Account, Japan was first on March 17. They promised the western release before the end of March, so I guess it’ll be any day now. For now, the app MiiTomo that you can download on your mobile phone is a huge success in Japan. In three days time it was downloaded one million times, it is currently the number one free app in the iOS App Store, and number two in the Android Store. More over, the game has 6,971 reviews giving it four stars. Not bad for Nintendo’s first outing on mobile.

BriBri played the Japanese version of the game, and put his thoughts up on Japanesenintendo.com. You can read his impressions here. Comparisons to Tomodachi are easily made, though here you will lack the possibility to let the Mii form a relationship. The world in the app is formed through your social media. And if you want to do more but the basic things in clothing and such, real world money will be involved. As was to be expected.

Now I’ve read on forums that a lot of Nintendo fans aren’t keen on the app game. Some even go as far as to denounce Nintendo for branching out, and are adamant that they don’t want anything to do with it. I think you all know my vision on it: if a mobile  game is good, it’s welcome. And I think MiiTomo could just fill the gap Swapnote (Letterbox) left when some annoying people decided to missuse the 3DS app and Nintendo stopped the service.

Will you be downloading the app?image


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