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MiiTopia: your annoying manager as an evil boss

Over the weekend, Japan finally got more info about the mystery title MiiTopia. Release is already close (December 8 in Japan) but Nintendo hadn’t shared much about the game yet. But, with the airing of a dedicated Nintendo Direct we now know what to expect.

Think Tomodachi Life coupled with Streetpass Quest: Mii fighting in an RPG! The point is that you will go on a turn based adventure with the friends (or enemies) you yourself choose. Nintendo will no doubt provide some familiar faces as NPC in the course of the adventure. In the end though, you are in control. As the Nintendo Direct video showed, where the girl starred her totally annoying manager in the role of the  evil boss. I guess we all know some people we’d like to cast in such a role!

The Mii characters you cast will have one of seven different characteristics, much like they had in Tomodachi Life. And like in any good RPG, there will be 12 different jobs to choose from. The relationships between the Mii that do battle will factor in, a bit like we’ve seen in Fire Emblem Conquest and Birthright. Resting at the inn will give you the possibility to interact with other Mii, and even what you eat there will influence the upcoming battle.

Of course, Amiibo will factor in too. Depending on the ones you scan, you will get clothing items.  If you own a Japanese 3DS, you can download the demo version and incorporate the Mii’s from your own collection. It promises to be a quirky title of the kind we know so well from Nintendo, and they are really making the most of publicity now that the veil of mysteriousness has been lifted.

If you are looking for all the info neatly packaged in one article, you will find it here on Miketendo64.com.

I’m not sure if I will be playing this game when it comes West, but I did really like the Nintendo Direct.

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