Promotional banner for 'Mike's Garden' featuring a lush, vibrant garden with a variety of flowers and plants. The game's title, "MIKE'S GARDEN," is prominently displayed in purple text over the image. The isometric view showcases a well-kept garden plot with blooming flora in a multitude of colors, indicating the game's gardening theme. Published on: LadiesGamers.

Mike’s Garden Review

Game: Mike’s Garden
Genre: Casual, Strategy
System: Steam (Windows)
Developers | Publishers: Unchew Studios
Controller: No
Price: US $5.99  | UK £4.99 | EU € 5,99
Release Date: Coming Soon

A review code was used, with many thanks to Unchew Studios.

Mike’s Garden is a puzzle game developed and released by Unchew Studios.

A vibrant, isometric view of a gardening simulation game from 'Mike's Garden'. The screen shows a well-organized garden plot with various plants like sunflowers, irises, and fantasy-inspired red mushrooms. There are placeholders marked with numbers 1 to 3 for additional plants, suggesting gameplay involving planting and arranging flora. On the right, a quest list titled '01. The basics' provides objectives like lifting, lowering, moving, and aligning plants, indicating an interactive and possibly educational element to the game. At the bottom, UI elements show health, in-game tools, and the player's level progress. Published on: LadiesGamers.
Starting with the basics.

Premise and Gameplay of Mike’s Garden

Mike needs our help in his Garden. It is growing out of control, and we need to trim it down a little. At its core, Mike’s Garden is a match-three game; well, in this case, match-five. We have the Garden as a grid and plants that spring out whenever we move one of them. We have to move them in a row of five or more of the same kind for them to be eliminated from the board. The idea is to keep the board as empty as possible.

While playing, we fulfil different mini-tasks, and once we complete all of the current ones, we progress to a new level with new tasks. Meanwhile, for every cleared plant, we get points, which can be used to buy tools and unlock slots for said tools. While helpful, using a tool is also not free- after each use, the price also goes up. Tools range from shears and watering cans to seed bags. We get bonus points if we clear several plant rows one after another.

A delightful garden filled with flowers and plants is the centerpiece of this screenshot from 'Mike's Garden'. The grid-based garden plot is bustling with sunflowers, irises, cacti, and fantasy red mushrooms. The player has successfully aligned plants, contributing to the current quest '02. Get points' as indicated by the right-side quest list, which includes objectives to align plants and make streaks for points. The top-left corner shows a coin score of 69, while the bottom-left corner shows a health score of 59. A selected 'STIFF SUNFLOWER' is displayed in the bottom right with its level and scientific name 'girasolus Durus'. The overall ambiance is sunny and inviting, with a focus on strategic placement for gameplay progression. Published on: LadiesGamers.
And we are off.

When the board is filled, and we have no more available moves, the game shows our progress, how many moves we’ve made, and how many coins we’ve earned. It also allows us to visit the greenhouse and see how many plants we’ve unlocked. Besides unlocking some of them by sheer game progression, we can also use coins to unlock plants.

We can also visit the toolshed, unlock tool slots, buy tools, or rearrange our existing tools. We have five tool slots, with the first one free and 12 tools. At least in the beginning, what to unlock is determined by level progression. Tools range from shears and water cans to more exotic ones like Trained Rats, which target a plant to clear a horizontal or vertical row through it, and Tornado – which clears the whole Garden and grows three new plants. The tools are priced differently – for example, the shears one coin, and the Tornado is the most expensive tool in the Garden, costing 350 coins for initial use.

This is a collection interface screen from 'Mike's Garden', showcasing an assortment of whimsically named plants and flowers that players can collect and use in their virtual gardens. The 'GREENHOUSE' section indicates that this is a customization area, where 9 out of 30 plant species have been collected, as evidenced by the icons at the top. The collected coins total 183. The plant selection includes creatively named varieties such as 'Samurai Orchid', 'White Rose', and 'Stiff Sunflower', each accompanied by a playful descriptor like 'Japanese Asskicker', 'Titanic Lover', and 'girasolus Durus'. Players can drag these plant icons into the slots below, which are organized by levels, to display them in their in-game plant deck. The interface is colorful and user-friendly, encouraging engagement with the game's plant-collecting features. Published on: LadiesGamers.
Unlocking plants.

Progressing through the levels unlocks extra plants. Once we unlock all of the plants, we get an additional plant. Clearing the levels basically teaches us the mechanics of the game. Once we master all of them, we can play as much as we want to, for as long as we can hold on.

Mike’s Garden has a board that sorts users’ results and allows you to see where you are regarding your score.

Visually, Mike’s Garden is a cozy, warm-colored cottagecore-inspired botanical puzzle. The artwork for the plants is detailed and cute yet realistic. The music is pleasant and well-fitting with the game.

This image from 'Mike's Garden' displays a lush and densely planted garden bursting with sunflowers, irises, cacti, and iconic red mushrooms, all situated on a green grid. The garden radiates with life and color, indicative of a well-maintained space. The current quest is '03. Get tooling', with tasks such as aligning seven plants and using gardening tools like shears, a seedbag, and a water can. The player's coin count is 152, with a health score of 121. The selected 'RAFFLESSIA CARRÁ' flower in the bottom right has reached level 2 and is humorously described as 'Maferititis Pupipu'. The interface is clear and engaging, with an emphasis on garden care and tool usage for gameplay advancement. Published on: LadiesGamers.
Overgrown but beautiful

Some Notes

Mike’s Garden has basic audio and video settings and language support. The main menu explains the basic gaming mechanics and offers tricks. The game has Steam achievements, and you can try the demo on Steam.

Mike’s Garden has no difficulty settings, but the game has a well-adjusted difficulty progression. It helps that you don’t have any timers, that the levels are seamlessly connected to one another, and that you can save and exit at any point in the game without a thought of losing progress. You can earn coins and purchase updates as much as you want before attempting to progress further.

This interface from 'Mike's Garden' features the 'TOOLBOX', a section where players can manage and equip various gardening tools to use within the game. The top of the interface shows that 2 out of 12 tools have been acquired and 183 coins are available for use. The 'EQUIPPED TOOLS' area already has 'Shears' in use and offers two empty slots with the option to unlock additional slots for varying amounts of coins. Below, the available tools are displayed with whimsical names and functions such as 'Seed Bag', 'Watering Can', 'Plague', and 'Magic Bean', each with a specific cost and reuse value. The toolbox promotes strategic gameplay as players must decide which tools to equip for effective garden management. Published on: LadiesGamers.
The Toolshed


Mike’s Garden is a modern, visually pleasing take on the classic Match-3 games. It offers a mix of new and old and tried elements to form a cozy, casual puzzle that will most definitely delight fans of the genre.

Final Verdict: Two Thumbs Up: Two thumbs up

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