Mimpi Dreams

Mimpi Dreams review (Switch)

Game: Mimpi Dreams
System: Nintendo Switch
Publisher: Dreadlocks Ltd
Developer: Dreadlocks Ltd
Price: € 9,99| $9.99 | £8.99
Age rating: Europe 3+|USA E
Release Date: 15th November 2018
Also Available on XBox One/PC/PS4/PS Vita/STEAM/IOS

Review code kindly provided by Dreadlocks

Indie game developer Dreadlocks Ltd has released Mimpi Dreams for the Nintendo Switch a cute platform/puzzler. This is the second game in the Mimpi series: the first game was released on Steam a few years ago.

Mimpi is a little white dog who has big dreams (for such a small dog) of being a hero. By the way, as Pikodoodle tells me, Mimpi means dream in Malaysian. Can’t be a coincidence.

Mimpi Dreams

Dream Mimpi’s Dream

You control Mimpi as he sets out on his journey, navigating him through seven of his crazy dreams.

At the start of Mimpi Dreams you will meet a crying princess whose sisters have been kidnapped. What to do? Mimpi our hero dog sets out to find them. From there it’s a pretty straight forward progression. You go from level to level with things to see along the way. Like the red three headed fire breathing dragon that Mimpi saves a knight from.

Bark instead of talk

Since Mimpi is a dog there is no talking in the game, though there is lots of barking and growling. You do see speech bubbles with drawings in them tell the story as Mimpi goes along. It works very well and goes well with the cute feel and look of the game.


There is a short tutorial as you play the first dream, you are shown what to do by a series of picture boxes on screen. There’s nothing too hard or brain taxing in any of the puzzles. Puzzles range from playing a piece of music with the notes in the correct order or the old platform favourite of pushing a box to reach a higher place.

The kind of puzzle you will see a lot is a cloud on which Mimpi can sit and that can be moved within a limited area. Easy to do using the touch screen controls in handheld. Mimpi Dreams uses both the touchscreen and joy-con or pro controller. There are blue balloons in each puzzle which when touched will reveal hints to help with solving the puzzle if you are really stuck.

Collect dog costumes!

There are 57 in-game achievements to aim for and you can also collect skin/costumes for Mimpi to wear. It’s fun, with anything from a cowboy outfit to a space dog outfit. There is also a challenge mode to try out, go as far as you can with one life.

Of course every dog loves a good bone to chew and Mimpi is no exception. There’s a set number of white juicy bones to collect on each level.

Saving in Mimpi Dreams is rather unique, our cute little doggy hero saves by lifting his leg and peeing on the checkpoint sign post. He even includes a wee shake of his leg, very dog like and amusing to watch. 😁


I like the art style of the game with some of the background helping to solve some puzzles.

I had fun on my playtime with Mimpi Dreams and I do like the game. However I would suggest that it would be a great game for a young gamer to play as I didn’t find the puzzles very difficult to solve. But maybe that’s because I am long time gamer. Moreover, I completed Mimpi Dreams in one sitting of 2 to 3 hours.

I like Mimpi Dreams, especially for younger players.





    1. Hi thanks for your comment. As for Luna park and when it will be available that’s up to the developers, Dreadlocks Ltd, if you try contacting them they might have an answer.

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