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Mini Guide Dragon Quest Builders 2: Cerulean Steppes Blue Tablet Targets Guide

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is a huge game, and over here at LadiesGamers.com we love it: we gave it the two thumbs up. So, we felt the game merited a series of mini-guides, and here’s your fifth one. All about Cerulean Steppes Blue Tablet Targets.

Blue tablet at the Isle of Awakening

Once you have finished the Moonbrooke portion of the story and you are back on the Island Of Awakening, go speak to the Hairy Hermit on the mountain top again. After that, make your way to the marker on the map.

This area is Cerulean Steppes the 3rd area on the Isle Of Awakening and in this guide we are going to take a look at the blue tablet targets. 

DQB2 Blue Tablet LadiesGamers.com

The first three blue tablet targets are part of the storyline so they are both given to you by residents Lulu, Jeremiah and Anessa. Talk to Jeremiah about tablet target 2 making snowfields and then the tablet target 1 will become available. Talk to Lulu to start that target and then after the castle is just over half completed talk to Anessa.

Build A Castle for Lulu

The Residents want to build a castle, talk to Lulu and they will start building a castle. Just keep an eye on the chest of supplies for the castle in case you need to top up any supplies that are running low and then craft them at the workbench. 

Once the castle reaches just over 60% complete talk to Anessa. You are required to build a Throne room and Royal bedchamber on the second floor of the castle. Talk to Lulu and you will receive a Disfigured Throne and a few new recipes.

For the Throne Room you will need 1x Throne, 4x Bold Banners or Big bold banners and 2x Brazier. For the Royal bed Chamber you will need 1x Residents sign, 1x King Size Bed, 1x any Fancy Chair, 1x any Fancy Light source, and 1x Fireplace. 

If you don’t like the castle the Residents spent lots of time building after these targets are completed you can demolish the castle or remodel it if you wish. 

DQB2 Blue Tablet LadiesGamers.com

Make A Snowfield for Jeremiah

Talking to Jeremiah is part of this tablet target and you are tasked with turning the non snowy area around Cerulean Steppe in to snow tiles. 

There are a couple of ways to do this, with Monster Munchies in your backpack head to the port and talk to Captain Brownbeard and go to Rimey Reef. In side the small pyramids of ice blocks you see on Rimey Reef you will find an Ice Lolly.

Also on Rimey Reef you will need to find and tame a Powie Yowie. Once you have done that head back to the Isle Of Awakening and talk to Jeremiah and you will learn the recipe for Ice Lolly. Craft some Ice Lolly and place them in the areas you want to turn into snow tiles, the Powie Yowie will turn these areas into snow tiles.  You can use the Transform-O-Trowel and snow tiles your self and transform the tiles in the area to snow as well as using a Powie Yowie.

DQB2 Blue Tablet LadiesGamers.com

Build Traps to Defeat The Monsters for Anessa

This is another part of the storyline and you are going to be facing a horde of monsters to fight. Talk to Anessa and you will be required to make lots of Zap Traps, Woosh Widgets and Sizz Snares, using the recipes you learnt on Moonbrooke.

Place the Traps etc where Anessa suggests and make sure your residents at the castle are equipped with weapons as well as your builder, talk to Anessa when your ready and the monsters will come ashore. There are 9 waves of monsters with 53 monsters to defeat in all. Once they are defeated the target will complete.  

DQB2 Blue Tablet LadiesGamers.com

Optional Tasks

Build Lots Of Different Rooms: You will have learnt lots of room recipes by now so it’s just a case of making different rooms for your residents to enjoy. 

Build rooms your residents like: Once you have built 30 different rooms on the Isle of Awakening you receive the ability to see what rooms your residents prefer. This can be found on the Residents Registry. Residents have three room preferences, size, fanciness and ambience. 

Build 5 rooms for 5 different residents all rooms  must include a sign with the residents name on it. 

DQB2 Blue Tablet LadiesGamers.com

Make lots of different rooms: this is on going through out your time on the Isle of Awaking. In all you are required to build and complete a total of 50 rooms on the Isle of Awakening to complete all the room build targets.

Build a Spa Resort: For this target you will need to build a Steamy Spa and Music Hall beside one another with a connecting door between the rooms.

To build a Steamy Spa you will need 1x Spa set, 1x Spa Spout, 3x Bathing Stool 3x Washtub and hot water. Hot water can be found on Rimey Reef in the Spa spots you find on top of the Mountains. 

To build a Music hall you will need Playable Piano Set, 2x Instruments 1x any chair, and 2x curtains. 

Make lots of Snowfields: Use ice lolly to make the majority of the tiles around Cerulean Steppes into snow. 

Make lots of Poisonous swamps: Cover an 8×8 tiles on the map with Poison. This can be obtained by sailing to Moonbrooke and using the bottomless pot to scoop up some poison. You can remove the poison once the target is completed.

DQB2 Blue Tablet LadiesGamers.com

Befriend Lots of Monsters: If you  haven’t already completed this target you will need to tame a total 8 different monsters, it’s actually referring to different varieties of monsters, Any Golem, Stone or Gold count as the same variety of monsters so you need to tame lots of different varieties of monsters and return them to the isle of Awakening. 8 different varieties will complete the target. 

Find More Residents: After finishing the storyline in Dragon Quest Builders 2 you should be very near completion of this target. If not it’s trip to the various Explorer Island to recruit some residents. Once you reach 50 the target will complete.

DQB2 Blue Tablet LadiesGamers.com

Make lots of Different Food: Using the cooking appliances and make lots of different food recipes, 40 different recipes are needed to reach this target.

Collect Every Kind Of Animal: There are 5 different types of animals in all in Dragon Quest Builders 2. You can find them on the Explorer Islands and bring the back to the Isle of Awakening.

  • Blossom Bay= Dog
  • Sunny Sands = Cat
  • Soggy Skerry = Chicken
  • Cows = Iridescent Island
  • Sheep= Laguna Perfuma 

Plant Every Kind of Flower.

Plant 15 different flower Seeds and the target will complete once they sprout.
Flower seeds can be found on the Explorer Shores or any of the story islands. 

Recruit Residents with Different Jobs.

You will need to recruit 12 different types of Residents jobs.
You will probably have most of the job types already through the storyline but their are a few that can only be found on the Explorer Shores Islands.

Job types are as follows.

  • Villager
  • Farmer
  • Merchant
  • Miner
  • Bartender
  • Dancer
  • Elder
  • Child
  • Nun
  • Solider
  • Bard
  • Singer 

Make lots of different Tile types on the map:

You need 28 different tile types each placed 8×8  on the ground to complete this target some off the tile types are already on the map on the Isle Of Awakening and you also pick up some during the progress in the game. Once they are on the ground and the target completes you can remove the tiles if you wish.

The 26 types are as follows, 

  • Water
  • Sea Water
  • Sandy Beach
  • Umber
  • Dolomite
  • Chalk
  • Cobblestone
  • Chert
  • Spoiled Soil
  • Meadow
  • Greenery
  • Forest
  • Palm Tree Forest
  • Snowfield
  • Castle
  • Room
  • Muddy Water (water type, Bottomless Pot)
  • Plasma (water type, Bottomless Pot)
  • Lava (water type, Bottomless Pot)
  • Poison (water type, Bottomless Pot) 
  • Magma
  • Metal Block
  • Scales
  • Citadel
  • Ash
  • Ice
  • Sanguine Sand
  • Basalt

DQB2 Blue Tablet LadiesGamers.com


  1. Um, I notice a couple of significant mistakes here: first, the “build rooms your residents like” only requires one such room to complete the tablet target – doing 5 is for unlocking the Emblematic Clock decoration. Second, for the different map tiles target, there are apparently 26 possible types, but I count 28 you listed – as far as I can tell, basalt counts the same as dolomite, not sure what the other duplicate is.

    Additionally, it would be nice to get a similar list of which flowers actaully count toward the “plant every type of flower” target.

    1. Hi, thanks for reading. This guide was written when the game was released on the Nintendo Switch quite a few years ago and was correct at the time, the game may have received several updates since then.

      1. Since I am playing on Steam and don’t have a Nintendo Switch, I can’t prove you wrong about the “build rooms your residents like” target, but claiming that the map tiles target was “correct at the time” doesn’t hold water when this very guide says 26 are needed and then you go and list 28 types. When I got to the post-game I had 23/26 even though I hadn’t made any “magma” or “ash” tiles – I confirmed that “scales”, “sanguine sand”, and “plasma” were the only ones left (since they can’t be obtained before then). Here are the map tiles that I think count (the starred entries are the ones that don’t naturally occur on the island or get automatically added during the “starter” targets of the different tablets):
        1. Deep Water
        2. Shallow Water
        3. Sand (also used for arid earth)
        4. Dirt
        5. Mud
        6. Gray stone (e.g. dolomite, basalt)
        7. Red stone (e.g. chert)
        8. White stone (e.g. chalk)
        9. Snow/ice
        10. Tan stone (e.g. umber)
        11. Meadow
        12. Oasis grass
        13. Sanguine Sand*
        14. Scales*
        15. Wood
        16. Bricks (mudstone, castle, probably also adobe)
        17. Metal*
        18. Citadel*
        19. Muddy water*
        20. Poison (fluid)*
        21. Plasma (fluid)*
        22. Forest (overlay tile)
        23. Palm Forest (overlay tile)
        24. Rounded mountain (overlay tile – used for dolomite or umber mountain areas)
        25. Spiky mountain (overlay tile – used for chert or chalk mountain areas)
        26. Room (overlay tile)
        There are also separate tiles for lava and void, but I verified that the applicable tiles have to present simultaneously on the map, so I’m fairly sure lava is unnecessary (if it even counts), and I’m not sure IoA can be opened to the void.

        1. Thank you for so thoroughly listing the tiles. Your comment will stay up for readers who want to reference this.

          1. You’re welcome. However, I discovered a mistake in my own list already (with a little help from another save where I hadn’t completed the target) – “citadel” blocks actually produce the same map tile as “metal” blocks. Now I’m guessing that the “shoreline” overlay also counts, but that’s difficult to confirm. Magma blocks produce the same map tile as lava, which counts toward the target (maybe so that it can be completed without needing the upgraded pot to get plasma).

            1. Further update: I had been using the “Retro” option for the map, which has the advantage of making it easy to see that certain map tiles like “forest” or “room” are overlays and don’t replace ones like “meadow” or “sand” tiles. One drawback, however, is that unlike “Chunky” map style, the “freshwater” tiles (as they’re described when unlocking the filter fountain) look identical to shallow ocean tiles in this map style (at least to me – I don’t have perfect color vision 🙁 )

              Also, my naming of the tiles seems to have some issues, because copper walls seem to produce the same map tile as most constructed wood blocks (e.g. softwood, wooden floor, wooden steps, etc.) that I was calling “wood”, and flagstones produce the same map tile as other metal blocks like silver or gold bricks.

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